Graz, Austria

Made in Graz

So finally I got this photos from my friend. And I'm very sorry, because I know, I'm already late. This post had to be posted last month. But it's alright, because who was that was lost, so never mind. All photos were taken in Graz, Austria. I want to say some words about that day, about that city.

All day, what we have done, we had shopping. We visited all clothes stores in the city center. Starting from ZARA and ending with H&M. I can't not to mention cosmetics shops. 
City is wonderful. All old buildings, all -old-fashioned clocks. Everything was beautiful. I can confidently say, that all the view, and this city...If you see it just one time (that's enough), you won't forget it in the future.


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  1. It looks like a beautiful place!

  2. hey thats my city- are you still here ? 'last photos' doesn't sound like this(: hope you enjoyed (; Graz is not that big but I really love living there (;

    xxx alina

  3. Well, thank you. I'm not good at English at all :D
    No, Now I'm in Lithuania, but I still live with hope, that I'll visit Graz again.:) You're lucky, that you live in that city.:)



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