Fur coats back on track!

The weather get's colder and colder in Lithuania. Last week was super cold, my hands were freezing all the time! What I'm happy about is that I got to wear my super super lovely fur coat.
That is probably the best part of cold season. To have a chance to wear fur coats and adorable accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves. It just feels so cozy and looks so lovely!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Sparkling sleeves

Good evening, loves! For tonight I've  prepared you another post with Deichmann shoes. Maybe some of you have already read this on Trendblog! If you are Lithuanian and  you haven't read it yet  then don't be shy, go and read my styling tips for October. I would really appreciate it.
Another thing you guys may notice are these awesome sparkling sleeves! Another lovely detail for Autumn look from the series: how to look simple but stand out of the crowd.
I bought this blazer in Turkey.  At the moment I saw it I fell in love with it and just decided to bring this baby with me to Lithuania. 

Styling project with 8 to Go/Part 1

So finally I can show you the result of our styling project with 8 to Go. More information about this project as well as backstage photos you can find right here. And now I want to introduce you the models we were dressing three times, every time has a different mood so be prepared. Thanks to all the team participating!

Kaunas, Lithuania

My Autumn look with Deichmann sneakers

I started my collaboration with Deichmann not too long ago. I actually started writing the trendblog, which you can read right here. I'm their guest of the month and now all October I'm going to share my styling tips with you and show the outfits with shoes from Deichmann.Well, the only problem is that the blog is written in Lithuanian only, but don't worry I'm going to use my blog to share some tips with you too, like I always do. :)
So what is the thing that must be in your wardrobes this Autumn? I always said and I will always keep saying: Sneakers! There are the ones that can look good with both sporty and classy looks. What more, you will feel comfortable with them wherever you go. So why say no to them?
As for me, I chose those astonishing simple sneakers from Deichmann and matched them together with my black&white classy look. 
Hope you guys like it. And see you soon

Wardrobe reorganization for Autumn by Vinted

First of all I want to thank Vinted.lt for this amazing gift - a hanger with my name. In this collaboration we have prepared a little giveaway for you, guys. If you want to attend this giveaway read the conditions below! :)

As cold Autumn weather is coming to our streets we all are rushing to put out all the blouses and shorts aside and get all the coats, jackets, sweaters back from the deepest corner in our closet. As for me, all the time I kinda stick to my one and only wardrobe where all my clothes are, I like to keep everything in one place, no mater what season it is. Of course it's not a really good idea, since you literally get lost in it while searching what to wear for let's say for another day in school.

But for that not to happen I like to hang my clothes in a specific order, for example from the left to the right there is vests, jackets, sweaters, blouses and further... I also have 3 big shelves and 3 drawers, where I keep my clutches, heels, jewellry, bags and other clothes and accessories.
And another thing I do for me to make it more easy to dress is a separate clothes hanger, which has been used for photo shoots a long time ago, Today I use it for another more common reason: I take out the hottest choice of the season from my closet and hang it there in mind that I can wear it again tomorrow.

And now a little giveaway for all my beautiful Lithuanian readers. You can get anything you want from Vinted.lt for 70Lt!! All you need to do is register to Vinted if you still hasn't done it.
Take a photo of your favorite purchase for Autumn, let it be coat, jacket, shoes...
Post it on Instagram and tag #evamacij and #manovintedspinta.

Bodrum, Turkey

Instadiary: Bodrum

Good evening, dears! Today, again, I'm going back to Bodrum and represent you the Instagram Diary: Bodrum!! I really wanted to show you these Instagram photos I took in Turkey, thought some of them are unpublished. Also, I add some of my parents' pictures just for fun. I can't wait you to see my daily shots that I took.

Kaunas, Lithuania

I'm back!

Finally, I'm back in Lithuania! Again, rainy Autumn days reminded me that good hot sunny days are over and now I should come back to where I started: school, homework, early mornings and sleepless nights. 

Bodrum, Turkey

Last night in Turkey

So yeah, today is my last night in Bodrum and I'm feeling so sad. :( I've never imagined that Turkey is so so nice. You know, everyone is just talking about how good it is and you, who had never been there, don't know why everyone love it so much. Well, now I understand why. Turkish people are so nice and place is so beautiful that eventually you just don't want to leave. And even if you leave, you will probably come back anyway.

Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum, Camels and More

Yesterday everything started with a meeting with camels and an amazing view below.  You see, we don't really have travel really far to see the fascinating Bodrum from the hill, or something. Everything is here, near our hotel, the place where all the tourists come to admire the view or ride the camels. Well, I didn't ride a camel, but I had a chance to give him to eat some apples and plants and take some photos too. Enjoy

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