Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Today's outfit I started with shoes and finished with blazer. I think I got kind of cute look.
What do you think?
I wear: Stradivarius blazer
Tally Weijl skirt
Mango bracelet
Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Two days left!!!

Yesterday was another contest. All day I spent there. It was fun. Lot's of music, dances and of course friends. 
Day was really good even if we didn't take any places. 
Most important was to have a good time and have fun. 
I really don't take it seriously. We will win many prizes in the future. 
And now is only two days left until our journey to England!!!
Can't wait! 

Vilnius, Lithuania

Frozen Yogurt in Vilnius

Post that I really wanted to show you finally has come! This post is about my day in Vilnius. The real reason why we went there is because of another contest. But most of time we spent in the city. We have visited really lovely cafes. One of them was tiny frozen yogurt bar. We have tasted really sweet yogurts here... Now I'm planning a little bit often visit that city.

Hot + Cocktails = :)

Previous Friday Me and my friend Aušra were in the city. Later on we took Aušra's dog Duffy with us. And went for a walk.
Weather was hot so we bought some cold cocktails with milk. It was just another Friday with good friend and good mood.

By the way, yesterday me and my dance crew were in the capital and all day spent there. We just took part in another contest. (Photos soon) and spent good time in the city center. 

Buy some Ice Cream

Two days ago I had really good time with my friend Aneta.  
We went to buy some Ice Cream and automatically took some photos...

Profile photos for DM Model Agency

So this a photo shoot that I talked about in this post. Photos were taken for new model agency. Like I said this is just profile photos. Nothing special, but I felt really excited about it. I don't now, maybe because it was my first photo shoot like this. I never did something like this before. This is not done photos yet. No photoshop added or anything else. I will show you natural photos which were taken in the studio. It's just some of them. There were loads of them, but I'll show you just some of them with all my outfits. Completed photos I'll get after one month.
 I'm so excited...

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