Vilnius, Lithuania

GUESS SS16 presentation in Vilnius

Some days ago I had a pleasure to attend the Guess S/S16 presentation in Vilnius. It was really nice to see the latest collection, to hear out the styling tips by Asta Valentaitė who is famous for her work in fashion field in Lithuania as well as to spend my Thursday with the stylish people, music, champagne and a bunch of desserts. Here are some shots of the event by Nerofoto, you should definitely check it out and see how everything went. And of course later I am thinking about posting my outfit photos so that you could see what I chose to wear for this event.

The sailor scarf-thingy

London, UK

London Diary

Here I come again with the throw back to my trip to London back in March. I have already posted my outfit details here. So now I am happy to say some words about this awesome 24 hours that we spent exploring the center of London as well as visited one university called Middlesex university with one Lithuanian organisation . It was a lovely visit as we were greeted very warmly and were shown around the faculties. Too bad it was an Easter Holiday so there was almost no one there at that time and most of the rooms were locked, but well, it was pretty easy to take pictures that way so no complaints.  What is more, after countless hours of walking we got to have a nice lunch near uni. It was truly one of the highlights of the trip! After that all our group were shown to the best places in London by our personal guide Diego who is actually the student in the same uni.
It was really a lovely trip and a new experience to me. Now I would like you to see the pictures taken by the amazing photographer Emilija who catched all the amazing moments in these photos.

Spring! Spring! Spring!

The sun has finally came out! I didn't think too much on what to wear on this sunny day. Everything was obvious from the moment I stepped in the Closte Clothes boutique and saw this pastel dress! Match it with sneakers and get super cozy city look. To make it more girly you can add jewellry of your choice and a backpack which will make any look trendy way more this spring-summer season.

London, UK

All in black in London

Finally, I am happy to share with you some of the photos I took on my stay in London. I didn't have much time, so only took these shots in our neighborhood early in the morning, so please excuse my obvious black under-eyes and sleepy face. I think about leaving all the story-telling for the second London post so stay tuned to hear more! Today I just want you to check my outfit choice. As we got to walk an insane distances I was told to dress comfortably and as you can see my outfit just screams how comfy it is :D Just kidding, although it may not look comfy at all, it was to tell the truth very suited for me in being effortlessly chic. All the pieces I chose to wear you can see below.:)

Vilnius, Lithuania

Getting back to the Renaissance

If you follow my blog and check it on daily basis you might now already that I attended new H&M Conscious collection review party last week and since I've already  posted some photos on my blog you must have seen how glamorous it was. Now I would like to come back to it and this time I would like you to get to know  more about the pieces of the new collection. Title says it all though. Well okay maybe not the Renaissance era this is all about, but it definitely  has that ancient feel that I can't refer to a particular period due to my lack of  knowledge in history. But what I know for sure is that most of the pieces in the new collection has a specific print on it and not just anything, but the most significant art pieces from Louvre museum were printed on the clothing. The best thing about all this is that wearing the new H&M Conscious looks you can literally feel and say that you're walking piece of art and not lie about that.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Deichmann conference! + video

I had such a great time at Deichmann conference held some time ago in Vilnius. The event mainly focused on introducing new collection as well as research done on the Lithuanian people's habits on wearing and buying shoes. Interesting, isn't it? What is more, I together with my sister attended the conference as the models. Our main task was to present the looks created by stylist (at Style support) and notable person in Lithuanian pop culture Indrė Stokuvienė. The looks were carefully created for us as we had to prove during the show how easy it is to change your style completely by just changing accessories only. Want to see for yourself? Here you go, some of the moments caught by photographers as well as short preperation video that we did before the press conference. CHECK TO SEE HERE!

Vilnius, Lithuania

H&M Conscious collection presentation

I can't describe with words how amazing the latest exclusive H&M collection was.  It felt like something that doesn't belong in this world,  Haute couture to be more precise and unfortunately, not very suitable to wear on daily basis. Every piece was magnificat in its own way and stole my breath each time I  turn to look at it. Elegant slippers, flare trousers, oversized-old fashioned shirts? Count me in.

Denim obsession

Here we go again. No twinning this time, but still wearing matching pair of jeans. Spot the difference? I think you got it right. Laura is wearing the flare ones while I am sticking with the sloppy beauties created by one amazing Lithuanian designer. The collection includes the wider range of colours, even plaid ones so you got to check Closte clothes boutique and find the ones suited for you.  Hurry up while they're still in stock!
Also below  you can see two looks created with two different type of jeans. Both of the looks are perfectly suited to wear on your way to the city and hanging out with you friends. Delicate and classy!

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