Vilnius, Lithuania

Getting back to the Renaissance

If you follow my blog and check it on daily basis you might now already that I attended new H&M Conscious collection review party last week and since I've already  posted some photos on my blog you must have seen how glamorous it was. Now I would like to come back to it and this time I would like you to get to know  more about the pieces of the new collection. Title says it all though. Well okay maybe not the Renaissance era this is all about, but it definitely  has that ancient feel that I can't refer to a particular period due to my lack of  knowledge in history. But what I know for sure is that most of the pieces in the new collection has a specific print on it and not just anything, but the most significant art pieces from Louvre museum were printed on the clothing. The best thing about all this is that wearing the new H&M Conscious looks you can literally feel and say that you're walking piece of art and not lie about that.

I was wearing:

All the pieces from the new H&M Conscious collection

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  1. You look absolutely amazing:) Nice blouse <3

  2. You look amazing dear! Nice photos!

  3. Nice pictures
    Have a good day


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