London, UK

All in black in London

Finally, I am happy to share with you some of the photos I took on my stay in London. I didn't have much time, so only took these shots in our neighborhood early in the morning, so please excuse my obvious black under-eyes and sleepy face. I think about leaving all the story-telling for the second London post so stay tuned to hear more! Today I just want you to check my outfit choice. As we got to walk an insane distances I was told to dress comfortably and as you can see my outfit just screams how comfy it is :D Just kidding, although it may not look comfy at all, it was to tell the truth very suited for me in being effortlessly chic. All the pieces I chose to wear you can see below.:)

I was wearing:

Asos boots coat
Asos skirt
H&M blouse bag sunnies
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  1. Great pictures

  2. You look stunning dear! Amazing outfit!

  3. Amazing photos and look ;)

  4. Kokios man gražios tos Londono gatves.. Norėčiau ir aš tokiam background'e pasifotografuot :))

  5. Kaip grazu!! Net keista matyt Londono gatves backgrounde :D


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