Denim obsession

Here we go again. No twinning this time, but still wearing matching pair of jeans. Spot the difference? I think you got it right. Laura is wearing the flare ones while I am sticking with the sloppy beauties created by one amazing Lithuanian designer. The collection includes the wider range of colours, even plaid ones so you got to check Closte clothes boutique and find the ones suited for you.  Hurry up while they're still in stock!
Also below  you can see two looks created with two different type of jeans. Both of the looks are perfectly suited to wear on your way to the city and hanging out with you friends. Delicate and classy!

I was wearing:

Positive Fashionjeans
Kis Kis purse
OŽ design top
Mohito heels
Dovile Dage necklace
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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like these proposals. Very inspiring. Fabulous outfits. Keep in touch

  2. you look great
    nice outfits

  3. Nice look!
    Follow me on instagram

  4. Amazing outfits, I love the jeans they are so beautiful :)

  5. Love this photos!! Thanks for your comment in my blog, I'll be happy if we start to follow each other! :)

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