London, UK

London Diary

Here I come again with the throw back to my trip to London back in March. I have already posted my outfit details here. So now I am happy to say some words about this awesome 24 hours that we spent exploring the center of London as well as visited one university called Middlesex university with one Lithuanian organisation . It was a lovely visit as we were greeted very warmly and were shown around the faculties. Too bad it was an Easter Holiday so there was almost no one there at that time and most of the rooms were locked, but well, it was pretty easy to take pictures that way so no complaints.  What is more, after countless hours of walking we got to have a nice lunch near uni. It was truly one of the highlights of the trip! After that all our group were shown to the best places in London by our personal guide Diego who is actually the student in the same uni.
It was really a lovely trip and a new experience to me. Now I would like you to see the pictures taken by the amazing photographer Emilija who catched all the amazing moments in these photos.

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