Before the photo shoot

Two days ago was a photo shoot. It was a advertisement for my dance group. With me participated other 5 girls, which dance in the same group. But anyway, that day I was to make-up specialist, which made me extraordinary, but simple make-up. Do you want to see the outfit? 

P.S. Later I will show you my photos from the advertisement.

Fairing from Germany

Yesterday I got my fairing from Germany from my uncle. He now live in Germany and yesterday he came back. You know what I got from my uncle? Well he thought that September is here and school too. So he gave me a heart-shaped box and pen shaped eraser from ESPIRIT!
 You know what? I love it!

After christening heaving dinner

A few days ago was my cousin's christening. After the christening we (Me, my sister, our parents, my cousin and his mother and stepfather) went to the restaurant, to have a dinner. Day was full of work. I was so tired, but everything was perfect.

Waiting for September

In the last post I said that I was shopping with my friends. So do you want to see how I looked that day? I was wearing my lovely Mango blouse and my favorite floral pants. It's truly strange combination, but the result, I think is really good.
 So I think the summer is going to the end and I wish you enjoy in the last summer days. The September is coming fast, I think. 

New stuff from ZARA

Yesterday, I and my friends Emily, Violina and my sister was go shopping. You know we wanted to buy something to autumn, because weather in Lithuania is awful.(You know like in autumn), but it's summer now! I don't care if i'ts the last summer days. It is unfair! Anyway, can you guess what is in that bag?

As Olsen sisters

Yesterday me and my sister 'twin' Laura thought to do photo session (you know, in her room). But not simple photo session. Everyone (I mean friends) says, that we look like Olsen sisters. (They says that I look like Mary-Kate and Laura looks like Ashley). So we thought that we should take photos similar to their photos, that the pictures would be the same ( at least similar). So We have done so as we said. Do you want to see Our photos? they really look funny, haha.

Before going to town

Yesterday I was in the city center like always. But here was one problem. My camera discharged, so I didn;t had any chance to took photos with my new look. I asked my sister's help. She didn't want to lend me her camera, So I was with no hope. But she said that she can take photos now. I agree with her opinion. So we do like we said. 
P.S. Photos were taken in her room

Lacy sweater and black skirt

Today was cloudy sky, but hot day. Anyway I with my friends Emily and Violina had a great time together. For today I chose lacy mango sweater, tally weijl skirt and graceland shoes. I think I didin't lose and all that clothes were consistent among themselves.

30 days left until the first September

Heey, dudes! How is going on? Sorry for no write a long time. I was in the city as always, haha. Well before city I was in the cinema with my friends, latter (I mean - after city) I was near my school. And OMG... 30 days left until the first September. cAn you believe it??? I had nothing good done during this summer. I feel bad. and during those 30 days I want to do something good, something recalled, you know... I had no chances to take photos from my sister's PC. But now I take it and I show you my last weekend outfit. Not many photos I have. Only two I guess.
Here they are!

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