Merry Christmas!

Though it's already late, but I want to show you photos from my Christmas day. I didn't have time that day so I just show it to you now. 
These photos were taken with my new camera, which I got under my Christmas tree.
P.s. Just a few more days and you'll see these photos on my new blog!
Can't wait!

Christmas shopping

Today I and my friend Aušra had shopping. It was so good finally to go out because my holiday began in my house. So it was quite boring last days. However, today I and Aušra were shopping for Christmas. Actually I just helped my friend, because I had everything I want and she wanted to choose something for her sisters. Of course first of all, we visited Japanese restaurant. And I ordered my favorite sushi and Japanese roasted rice tea. I love food there. 
Finally I'm back in my house. I'm feeling tired so the rest of the evening I will spend in my bed and watch a movie.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Long black skirt and red lips

Yesterday I was in Vilnius. There was one show. I have already told you about it last year. In this post you can see the same show, which was held last year. And Yesterday I was there again and danced two dances. 
Let's just see the photos

Shopping in December

Yesterday I was with my sister and my friend Kamile. We were shopping together. I thought that I should fill my wardrobe, because it's December and the mood is perfect for that! 
Well I bought some new stuff. However, it's not enough. I'll go again soon.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, how much I'm waiting for Christmas! 
I mean mood, songs, Christmas tree, exchanging gifts and more. Such a wonderful time of the year. 

Photoshoot: wedding dresses

     Well, finally I got to show you my photos from photo shoot with wedding dresses, that I got from             photographer yesterday. I don't know if it's all, because some of them didn't reach me so I guess       
  I'll have to wait a little more. However, take a look at the photos and be ready for tomorrow's post!

Leopard jacket and coat

This weekend I was in Klaipėda - city near the Baltic sea in Lithuania. These two days here were awesome!! 
You see, I was with my friends from the dance crew (my second family as we say). First day we went to our hotel, left our things there and moved to the hall, where the contest was held. 
We came back late in the evening and spent our last day's hours there.
On Sunday we woke up early in the morning, ate some breakfast and went to the beach near the sea. We took some photos here and moved to the shop center, where we ate at the restaurant.
Then we took our things from the bus and went to the hall. Again.
We danced in the contest another dance and won second place. 
Well it wasn't so good as we wanted it to be. But to think more about it, 2nd place is good too:)
However gold is still better than silver.

leopard coat


Good evening, readers! It's almost end of the week so I'm quite in a good mood. 
Today I was in the cinema. I watched a movie and I think you know what movie it was. Because today was Movie's Breaking Dawn Part 2 pre-premiere. So I thought that I must to see it, because I'm quite a lover of this twilight saga, you know.
Movie was good. After that I and my sister went to eat something delicious. It was Mexican soup. I tasted it for the first time and I totally loved it! 
This is how my day went. Well at least half of it, because the other part, I mean the first one, I spent in the school. So it wasn't something interesting. But tomorrow is Friday and I'm happy about it and also because I finally got to show you my new fur coat with leopard pattern, which I ordered online.

Wedding dresses

Good evening, dears. So as I said, today's post will be about wedding dresses, we had to show to others. Well, as you see I only got backstage photos. Some of them with my friend Marta. Only one photo was founded in the internet. In the near future I will make a post only for photos on runway, from all the collections. And of course, I didn't tell you, that designers asked us to take part in the photo shoot. So in the end of the show, Me, my sister and Simona were going to hotel, were it all was held. So today I add some photos when we were preparing for the photo shoot. When I get photos from the designer I will post it on my blog for sure. And about my outfit. Well, photographer took some photos of it. And as long as I will get it, I will show it for you!:) Good night, dears! 

1st Outfit: ROCKIE


Yesterday I had a guest at my house. It was my friend Marta. And in the evening we took some photos with two outfits. So today You'll see just one. 
I used some effects on the photos, so it look a bit in a different way, then it looked before. However most of them turned out wrong so I thought that some effects will hide that flaw.

After School

I'm a little bit late with my posts. However, two weeks ago. I was with my classmates in the Italian pizzeria.
We just thought that it would be nice if after school we all spend time together.
So we walked around the city. Later we visited one more Cafe and took our time there.
And about my outfit: Well in our school we all have to wear school uniforms. It is necessary, so When we all left the school and were passing by the city we all were with our uniforms. 

I just wanted to publish one post with my school uniform in it. 
And sorry for photos. There are not many of them. I didn't get half of them because
 my sister accidentally deleted them.

Funny memories from the seaside

Yesterday I and my three precious friends with my sister were going to Palanga. It's a small resort near the Baltic sea. We were there for 2 days only, but it was enough. It was so fun, that I won't forget all of that for the rest of my life!
I'll show you some photos from the first day. I won't tell you the details because we did so many things then, that I will forget from where to begin. So just enjoy the photos and just some sentences, dears... 

Laces, laces, laces

Today I decided not to go anywhere, but some hours ago I changed my mind and my sister offered me to go to the cafe and just spend time there. So we met our friend Gerda, ordered some coffee, then just spent time with homework and gossip. 

Colorful Autumn

Yesterday I had to go to the theater with my classmates. It was necessary so I had no choice but to go.
Before that I with some of my good friends decided to meet earlier and spent some time together. We visited cafe in the city center, later just spent some time in the small island of the city, because weather was really good. And then we joined our class. 

Some new stuff

As I told you earlier today I'm presenting you a post about clothes I bought yesterday. 
So here it is...

Something I'm comfortable with

Today I decided to go shopping. Well I need some stuff for school and for other things too. So I have bought some clothes, which I will show you tomorrow. 
And now I'm a bit ill and I have a headache. That's why I'm not in a mood for posting, but as you see I'm trying my best to keep my blog active and active everyday. 
Well, the following week I have some things to do so I'll post more. And for now just keep reading and good luck for me with my sore throat.

Mini Black Skirt

Hey, guys! Sorry, I didn't concentrate with my blog lately. I had many exams and I had no time to my blog. So again, sorry.
Last weekend I spent with my friends in my house. We had a really fun sleepover. And of course I took some photos to show you what I was wearing that Friday. 

Blue shade

Yesterday I spent with my friend. First we went to the restaurant and later on I went to her house.
I was wearing my white shirt from Primark and my new black skirt from H&M. And yesterday was really cold so I took my H&M coat. I love the color. 
I think that I get a really good combination. What do you think?

Baiker style

Today was so rainy. I hate weather like this. It's so cold and cloudy. However, leather jacket or leather shoes it's just perfect choice for days like these. 
You don't have to be worried about sinking streets, because if we talk about leather things, should know what I mean. And the second thing is that clothes from this material perfectly match together.
I love this style. looking like rocker at the same time.
Oh! And today is a weekend. I was waiting for this moment to come. Tomorrow I have plans too and sitting in the bed with my loptop and homework is a part of them too.

Hello, Autumn!

In this post I want to show you  photos from 1st of September.
 Like always my first autumn day started in school. And after 2 hours I went back home, slept a little bit :D Because waking up early is really making me tired. Some hours ago I met with my friend. We spent time in the restaurant and later in the Cinema watching a good movie. It was fun.
However, I was wearing Forever 21 shirt, Tally Weijl skirt, Costella bag, Stradivarius blazer.

New hair

Hello again. Some days ago I was in the beauty salon. I really wanted to change my hair color. You know, just make them a bit brighter, and I wanted to make them shorter as always. 
So I did as I said. I spent all my morning in the hairdressing saloon. However,  I was satisfied with a result.
 In the sunshine they have a gold shade and I don't know why, but in the normal lighting they have a normal blond shade. Ah, who cares. They are a bit brighter and that's okay. :)

All in black.

Do you guys believe it?? Just a week left until the 1st September. I feel miserable. All I have done this summer, just walked through the city and spent time with friends in the restaurants and cafes. I mean, it's not that bad. But I really wanted to do something special. Like: to visit some exotic places, eat some gourmet dishes, make some new friends and other... 
Well I don't say my summer was that terrible. First days I spent in England, later in the dance camp with good friends of mine, then visited Poland, saw Pop princess Madonna and in the end just spent some really good time with my friends. :))

Today was just another ordinary day with my good friend Aušra. We spent good time in the restaurant and ate some really good dishes. And I don't know why, but today I dressed up in black. Just added some brown, gold accessories.
 Today's outfit looks quite similarly with this one

Yesterday's / Today's

Today I was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Why? Well because yesterday's photos was deleted by my sister. They were taken in the city and they were truly amazing!:( 
Today I decided to take photos with yesterdays outfit again. I think that all my outfits should be here, in my blog.
So I dressed up and was going to the hospital, later to the shop.
I decided to take them after all my affairs will be completed. But it suddenly started to rain. 
My mood was completely ruined. 
So there was no other choice, just to take them at home. 
Here you go!

Must have list for Autumn

Sorry, because this post is already too late. However, here are not so many things in this list. But it has a reason. A lot of things I didn't find online and about others I'm still wondering. Ahh... So let's just say it's part one. So lets start with these first :)


Today I, my friend and my sister were in the restaurant. We spent good time together. And I'm so sad because summer is going to the end :(( The last two weeks I'll write more and more. because I'm going to spend almost all my time in the city.

My lovely, green flats

Yesterday I finally bought boots, I wanted for the new season. Well, actually, I was supposed to buy leather shoes, but it was out of stock!. I was so shocked when I heard it. They were so lovely! 
However, that day I was looking for the new pair. I really wanted to buy it that day!
And I bought it, just they looked different and had a heel. However, that's not a point.
I really like my new boots, I bought yesterday. I'm waiting tor try them one autumn day!!
Today I was wearing my new lovely, green flats, which I bought in England!
Finally! I mixed them together with my H&M blouse and basic ZARA pants.
Love this combination!

Leather jacket, lacy leggings

Yesterday I finally bought clothes, which I want for the autumn season! 
Of course it's not all. Yesterday I bought jacket, today I bought shoes and there is much more to buy in the near future. 
There are some things I bought online. Well I'm still waiting for them, but when they will arrive I will tell you.
Sorry about my must have list, which didn't show up. I'm still working on it!
Guys, there are so many posts to show you!

Summer days

So that's how I'm spending my summer. Nothing much. Just walking around the city, shopping, eating and just spending time with friends.
Today was ordinary summer day with some sushi, shopping time and ice cream. Finally I got to know the prices of clothes, which I'm planning to buy for the new season. New post soon about my must have list! Can't wait to show you.

Today's outfit

Today I was with cosmetologist, who made me ​​a facial treatment. After all, I have to take a good care of my facial skin. :)
 And today's outfit is simple and comfortable.
Usually I choose simple outfits like this one. Unless it's an occasion, meeting with friends or something like that.

Just some summer photos

Yesterday, me and my sister didn't have anything to do, so we decided to make some photos. Some simple profile photos next to wall. 

Some time ago I received a comment for a heavy effect on the photos. I understand. So next time I'll leave these photos more in their natural way. 
P.S. September is coming really fast!

Warsaw, Poland

Last hours in Poland

Last hours in Warsaw I spent while sitting in the stadium. Well, I was watching Madonna's concert. And I can tell that it was great. Voice, music, dances..everything! Despite the fact that Madonna was late about four hours. However time was great! 
That's all for today! See you soon!

Warsaw, Poland

First hours in Warsaw

 Two days ago I was in Poland. First hours I spent in clothes stores. There, in Capital are many shopping centers. So While I was waiting for Madonna's concert I visited some really awesome clothes shops and bought some amazing clothes for Autumn.

End of July

Today was such a good day! I had a picnic with my friends. We bought some refreshments and found a place in the shade of the tree near the river. Day was really awesome!!!
And tomorrow I will visit Poland. I'm going to see Madonna's concert in Warsaw. 
I'll take for you some pictures!

Just An Ordinary Day

Hey there! Today I was spending my time with my sister and my friend in the city. Later on we went in the cinema. Well, it was just an ordinary day of summer. These are my favorite ones! Spending time and doing nothing :D

I wore: FOREVER21 shirt
H&M shorts

Beige and mint

Well, this time I already knew how to dress. This dress was already in my mind. And those heels. I think they would make this look more colorful and powerful.
Today was really sunny and I was happy because this dress made my day..

Sunday with coffee and Muffin

Today I finally went out with my friend. I really missed her and finally we met in my favorite Cafe in the city. 
I ordered today's frappe  which was mint, strawberries and chocolate flavor and Chocolate muffin with cherries! It's summer and I like to enjoy it! I mean NO diets!

Todays Outfit with Mint colors

I didn't say to you how much I love mint color and all the clothes with this shade. 
Well this color was in my must have list since early spring. 
And I can surely say that this color is one of the hottest trends in this season!
I just adore this color ♥!


It's July already.Time passes quickly and it's not much holidays left. I didn't have much time to write, because all month I was working. 
Yesterday I was with my friends in the city (finally!!!!). We were in the restaurant. Because we had not seen each other for a long time, we had many things to discuss. I was glad about yesterday. And tomorrow I'm going to meet my friend and buy her a birthday cupcake... I have big plans for August too:)) Keep reading...

Little leopard

Yesterday I was in the cinema. And after that I had to go with my mom to the hospital. Because of my heart. 
It suddenly started  hurting and it was all the time I was in London. So my mom was nervous.
Well, I didn't have any bad feeling about it.  And I was right. Today analysis showed that it was because I was tired, it was hot and more. So thats it. 
Yesterday I chose vest with leopard pattern, because it was a little bit cloudy. I don't think it ruined my look;

Pink & Blue

Today I was really happy, because all week before I didn't go anywhere. And today was the first day I  escaped. All day with friends in the restaurant. Perfect.
And my look today...

Spaventare Moda on iPhone

Heey, dears! I have some news for you. From now on you can also check my blog on your iPhone! And it's very easy to use!
Keep on reading!

Neon colar

I love neon colors so much! I mean they are everywhere. It's nail polishes, make up products, accessories, jewelry, clothes and much more. This summer season it's just for them and I can't not to buy it.
So in England I bought really nice collars for cheap price from Primark.
All the colors mixed together so well! Love it!

London, UK

Last day in London

3rd day in London I took tour around Big Ben and London eye. I think these places are one of the main reasons to visit this city, because it's so beautiful,I mean these buildings. 

This day was so relaxing to me. Now I really want to live here!
I felt like I finally got to used with a people around me and a sound of the street.
 I really love this city.

London, UK

London streets

There is one thing, that I like the most in this city. 
Its streets. Full of people. Well I really like people, especially to watch them. 
And of course communicate with them too. They always speak with smiles on their faces. 
This day was truly amazing. Today I took mini tour with sightseeing bus and I saw many famous buildings in London. 
London is really beautiful city...

London, UK

Just arrived in London.

Yes, this is the first day in London. And it was really bad day. Weather was really hot and it was Sunday, so London was full of people. And we went to see all the clothes stores in Oxford street. 
Street was really big, so my legs started to hurt and later my stomach, because of the fast food. 
I felt terrible. 
We came back to the hotel. I took a nap and when I woke up, I felt much better and good mood came back, so we just thought about dinner in a really good restaurant. Of course we were looking for it about an hour. But thanks god I didn't get tired so easily. 
We found a really good pizzeria in the center and took our time...

Eastbourne, UK

Third day in the UK

Well third day was not that free. We woke up early in the morning, and went to the building, where we danced. Later we went through the city. Bought some sorbet and spent time together with picnic near the sea. 

I really love England!! So many beautiful places.

Eastbourne, UK

2nd Day in Eastbourne

Second day in Eastbourne was free. So I had much time for myself which I spent with my friends in the Shopping center. And later on we visited sea that was near our hotel. Just a few meters road. 
Ah, well I don't like beaches in UK. There was no sand on the ground. Ground was stony so my feet got hurt. 

Arundel BN18, UK

Arundel Castle in the UK

So this is my first day in England. I'm really happy because I had a chance to visit a really beautiful castle.  Of course I didin't do this when we just arrived. First we went to Eastbourne by bus. Left our baggage and went to the castle.
Just a part of castle was museum. In another part there is still living Hercogs. So this little thing keeps me really exciting about this castle.

Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Today's outfit I started with shoes and finished with blazer. I think I got kind of cute look.
What do you think?
I wear: Stradivarius blazer
Tally Weijl skirt
Mango bracelet
Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Two days left!!!

Yesterday was another contest. All day I spent there. It was fun. Lot's of music, dances and of course friends. 
Day was really good even if we didn't take any places. 
Most important was to have a good time and have fun. 
I really don't take it seriously. We will win many prizes in the future. 
And now is only two days left until our journey to England!!!
Can't wait! 

Vilnius, Lithuania

Frozen Yogurt in Vilnius

Post that I really wanted to show you finally has come! This post is about my day in Vilnius. The real reason why we went there is because of another contest. But most of time we spent in the city. We have visited really lovely cafes. One of them was tiny frozen yogurt bar. We have tasted really sweet yogurts here... Now I'm planning a little bit often visit that city.

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