Rocking that outfit

Tartan pattern skirt with denim jacket looks quite good together, don't you agree? I decided to match these two for today. I think dark colors suited the rainy day and gloomy atmosphere pretty well.

While it's still cold

You must be guessing why I'm not looking that into summer with my outfit like this. Well weather in Lithuania still doesn't plant to get warmer though today was quite warm outside I still couldn't wear shorts. First month of summer has already passed but I'm still in my spring outfit. It just doesn't feel right!

Black and White Mood

I opened my closet and had no idea what to wear. But then I saw my sister wearing maxi skirt with blouse and fur coat and I though what if I dress pretty much the same. so I also decided to wear my fur coat and maxi skirt and in the end I saw myself in Black&White. I decided to finish the look with a red accent of my lips.

In shorts and blouse

Finally I could put on my shorts, sleeveless blouse and sandals and go out to the city center. The simple summer look that I've missed so much!
 Yesterday weather got a little better so I got this chance to wear something like this.
I really love this type of outfits. It's easy to wear, comfortable, perfect/fitted for summer. 

Vilnius, Lithuania

Bershka casting in Vilnius

Yesterday  I quickly  packed my things and went to Vilnius without planning anything. I was in great shock. I thought finally, all this day I'm gonna spend in bed and watch movies, but then I heard I had a casting for clothing store Bershka. Well at least I visited capital once again and went to an Asian restaurant which I love so much. So I'm kinda happy about spending my day like this. 
It's  just really sad I couldn't dress properly, since castings require the simplest outfits mostly in black.

Sporty or not?

All week weather is awful and I can't tell if it's summer or not. It's windy, it's rainy, it's cloudy. It's really hard for me to take photos in the outside because of it. So recently I'm not doing it in any interesting, unique place, like I don't have time to search for a place like this, because my hair gonna go wild any minute... So yeah, all week I'm blogging this kind of boring way. But anyway, what can I do. You must see an outfit I chose for a day. 
Yesterday I had a mix of emotions and you know that it often depends on my mood when I'm picking what to wear for today, so my outfit was quite mixed as well. Sporty t\shirt  and classy skirt? 
I think it looked quite unique but great. Don't you think? 


 It was such a busy day! Can you guess what I was doing with these Mohito babes yesterday?
It includes my sister too.

Cold summer days

Today was quite a cold day. So blouses and skirts had to be exchanged into pants and coats. Today I didn't want to wear high heels or any of that. As the summer came, my lazy mood also catched up. I want to feel comfortable wherever I go.
These days I'm trying to put out all the accessories and concentrate more on the clothing I'm wearing. I'm quite in the process  of changing my style, so now I'm like 'redoing' my closet. Filling it with clothes of the totally different style. Well, I don't really know if it is that different. I hope in the end of summer I  could see the result and more importantly the difference. Time to change!

Part II of moments from Apkalbos 2014

Do you remember me attending an international fashion show called Apkalbos 2014? I already told you that I've attended there as a model and every model had two collections to demonstrate. It was an awesome experience and it felt so good to be on stage once again. I published a post full of backstage and stage photos from this show. But apparently this post had been published a bit too early cause I  found a lot of more new photos and I would like you to see them.

Welcome to GBridal

Today I want to represent you the e/store Gbridal, which consists of Wedding dresses, Wedding Party dresses, Special Occasion dresses and Wedding accessories. What I love the most is the variety of the wedding dresses. There are dozens of them in all shapes and colors.


So final exams are finally done and I can enjoy my summer at last! I've waited for this moment for so long! 
So today, just after exam I met my friends! We need a celebration, don't we? We decided to do a small picnic near the river. We bought  some cocktails and other snacks. It was kinda cozy day with some chatting, food, drinks and hot weather. I can finally feel the summer!
For my \first summer day/ I chose to wear my denim jacket. Last time I wore it was a year ago. I missed it very much, so I kinda felt like I must wear this beauty for today.

In the Jewelry box

Yesterday was my night out and it just happened that we spotted a restaurant which had this small sparkling veranda over there in the old town. It was really magically beautiful and quite reminded me of a jewelry box.  We just couldn't resist to take some shots there...

It's summer already

It's already summer, but It just doesn't feel like it! Weather is really gloomy in Lithuania and also those exams... Wanting these to finish quickly so I could finally start my summer properly. 
Yesterday also was a busy day for me. I had a math class then one design class and it seems like it is not a big deal, but it got me so worked up and tired. 

Presents from Japan: Anna Sui Beauty line

Good evening, lovelies. Today I represent you my the most loved beauty products of the week! And it's Anna Sui cosmetics products that are super super lovely and cute!
Okey, so Actually I have to thank my uncle and aunt for these loves that I got. They went to Japan not too long ago and brought these for me! What I love the most is a pink shade that it has. I've tried it not too long ago and it looks really pretty and matches me very well. Also it has the smell of roses and it makes it even more adorable. I don't even have to mention the design, do I?

Mirror-like flats

Hello, sweeties. Today a lovely pair of flatties reached me and made my day! I just had to take them for a first walk today! So happy! A mirror-like metallic illusion have just conquered my mind!

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