Vilnius, Lithuania

TV Dance Project and McDonald's

Today as well, I got enough of work to do. From early in the morning leaving to Vilnius with my girls from our dance group.  It's too bad, I can't tell you more about the project that we are participating in.. Maybe some other day I'll tell you more about it... Oh there's a good thing that happened at the end of the day, just after we left the LRT Studio building we visited McDonald's. We always visit it when we are in Vilnius with our dance group. It's the fastest way to get food and eat before heading back home to our city.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Blurred Lines

Today I participated in one more show. Well, actually it was a charity evening. Anyway, we got to demonstrate another designer's work. And this time it was burlesque clothes or should I say the Baroque style courtesan's clothes. Well it was something like that. While we were demonstrating the Blurred lines by Rob Thickle was playing and it was so much fun! I took some photos, however it's too embarrassing to show them. 
For now just look through some photos of my outfit.. And tomorrow I'm going to Vilnius, because of one TV dance project I talked about before. So maybe, just maybe I'll get a chance to take some photos...

Work, baby, work!

Recently I was going to design classes. And today was, well probably the most busy day for me of the whole week. I just came back home and it's already so late. It just happens sometimes. I feel like I don't have enough of free time. Anyway today I managed to take some photos too. So here you go...
By the way, my weekend is going to be full of work again! 

Subliminal Fashion clothing store Opening

In yesterday's post I told you about my attendance in the Subliminal clothing store opening as a model. However, yesterday you saw just my outfit and today I'm going to show you all the photos from the event that photographers took. 
It was so much fun! we were demonstrating their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. And I got to dress the evening dress, sweaters, cardigans, jackets and even the dress of leaves and the crown of flowers that Florist M.Vasiliauskas made! 

Working on Saturday

Good evening, dear readers. I'm so happy to share with you some photos I took today in the old town where a new clothes store's opening was held. I attended there as a model and just demonstrated some of their autumn/winter 2013 clothes. Today I only want to show you some photos of me wearing my outfit. and tomorrow I'm planning to show you some photos of the opening and catwalk. 

Plans for the weekend

Today I had some plans with my model agency. A new clothes store opens in town so a few models were needed. After all of my classes ended I went to the city to try on clothes I'll have to demonstrate. Anyway, this weekend is full of work as well as the other two weekends that are waiting ahead. Good Friday evening, guys!

New coat

I'm really happy to show you my new coat from Zara. I really love it! It can be combined with almost everything!! Especially black outfits, that I chose for today as well.

Kaunas, Lithuania

My Autumn favorites!

Sorry for keeping my blog so silent for so long. School started, so I have less time left for my blog... I did have some activities recently but I couldn't manage to take photos. What a pity! Last Saturday I was in Vilnius and together with our dance group we participated in one TV dance project that I can't talk about now. Anyway I also attended design classes, but it is also something I can't take photos or talk much about so maybe later you'll get more to know! For now I want to show you my favorite Samsung galaxy s2 cases that I own. The imitation of Chanel is one of the first ones that I bought and the other one recently can't get off of my phone. These are my favorites for this fall season! kisses! 

Back to School!

Hello again, dear readers! As you all know, today is second day of September, day when all students go back to school! So today it was my first day at school too. We didn't get much to do, just met each other after three months of summer break and met our homeroom teacher... Right after that I met my friend Smilte and with my sister we went to the nice pizzeria in the city center. 
I was wearing my school uniform, well at least skirt, cause instead of my school blazer I chose to wear my denim jacket from H&M. It  was quite cold today so don't blame me.

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