As I mentioned in last post, today I had some plans and all day was busy for me. So yeah, Today I took part in one casting, which was held for one more fashion show. And I couldn't take pictures because I had no time for that. 
However, it didn't last long and after that I was really hungry so I decided to visit one restaurant, which is really popular now in Lithuania. It is named - TAKEWAY.
 I really love the food here! It's delicious, healthy and price is not so big. 
All photos I took with my phone, because I didn't took my camera with me. 

Spring coat

Today I finally got to wear one of my spring coats. Weather is warming up and sun is a bit brighter these days. So I'm really happy about it. 
This weekend gonna be full of work. 
But you'll know all of that when the time comes:))

Natural makeup

Today my post will be about makeup, which I told you about yesterday. 
One of the members of our dance group is Simona. She is very talented in this area.
So she had to put on makeup of almost every dancer of our group.
 However, yesterday I showed you photos where you can see me with a quite natural makeup.
So today I want to show you photos, where you can clearly see how Simona is working. 

In Brown Shorts

Today I was in one more dance competition with my dance group. For today I chose more comfortable outfit. I mixed striped sweater and brown shorts while adding brown leopard pattern scarf, leather ankle boots and studded bag. As you see my make up is quite visible this time. I don't usually ad this much, however today it was competition and it was necessary to ad some. 
It has a natural shade, therefore you may haven't noticed it if I didn't tell you. 
It was made by my friend Simona, who is also one of the members of our dance group.
But about her and my make up you'll know more tomorrow. Today let's just take a quick look at my outfit.

Instagram photos of the week

Today I decided to do post, where I can show my photos from instagram. So now let's just see the photos of this week. 
Oh, and spring holidays just begun, so I will concentrate more on my blog from now on. 
I have so many plans for a coming days.
So don't forget to check out!!

Sweet sixteen!

Good morning, dear readers. I have some news for you. You see, as I said within my last post that I had some plans for a weekend. So today my post will be about my dearest friend Agne's sixteenth birthday! 
It was held on Saturday's evening. I had so much fun!
From where should I start? Well, we all gathered in the town hall and then a limo arrived and picked us up. We visited several places, took some photos and then moved to Agne's house! 
She has a bar in her house and it really fits for the parties. So all of us had so much fun! I don't know... maybe the photos would say more. All I have to say that I am really happy for my friend, that she is finally sixteen years old! And I'm so happy for my participation in the party, because time I spent was wonderful.

Curly curly hair

What a good day I had today. It's already Friday and I have lots of plans for the weekend, so I'll write all the news here as soon as I come back home.

Today I was with my sister and my friend Auguste at the shopping center. Looking for new clothes for the new season is really awesome!! I had so much fun!
However as you already saw, my new outfit was composed of a black skirt from Tally Weijl, a black blouse from H&M, a black bag, which is also from H&M, a fur coat which I ordered online and some ankle boots from Graceland. Also, you just couldn't not see my curly hair!

Natural and comfortable

Just came back from the city. It's really cold today!
Yesterday I came back late at night so I decided not to go anywhere today, but I got so bored and just decided to meet my friend in the city. My sister went too. We ate Chinese chicken in Chinese restaurant and then went to warm ourselves in the Cafe. We drank some hot tea and coffee and talked so much, because we didn't see each other for a long time now.
Today i chose a really comfortable outfit because I was so lazy to prank. And  yeah that's how I spent my Sunday.


Hello again, dear readers. Hope you started your weekend with a really good mood! So do I. Just came back from one of the Lithuanian Cities - Paneve┼żys. There was held another dance competition, in which me and my dance group danced. Well, what more to say. As always, we won 1st place and got chance to participate in the World Championship in Hungary!


Today is the first day of Spring!! It finally came! The weather outside is still cold, but still...it's March!

However, today I've got so many things to do at home, so I didn't go anywhere. But i'ts Friday, so I came up with an idea. To show you some of my neon pieces from my wardrobe and of course some spring trends on the Elle mag.

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