As I mentioned in last post, today I had some plans and all day was busy for me. So yeah, Today I took part in one casting, which was held for one more fashion show. And I couldn't take pictures because I had no time for that. 
However, it didn't last long and after that I was really hungry so I decided to visit one restaurant, which is really popular now in Lithuania. It is named - TAKEWAY.
 I really love the food here! It's delicious, healthy and price is not so big. 
All photos I took with my phone, because I didn't took my camera with me. 

Ice cream in the end

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  1. you just made me hungry! hahaha xoxo <3

  2. Grate looks and smile! I followed you here in blog, hope you follow me back! Nice day!
    Keep in touch. Greetings from Moscow!


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