Kaunas, Lithuania

Fashion Ramp by TryOn

Today I want to share with you  about the latest things that happened to me . As I mentioned before, now I'm in collaboration together with fashion and beauty blog Tryon.lt (See our first shooting here). Another project with them was this awesome fashion event we were organizing and which actually happened on the 22nd of August. It's like a fashion fair but much much more. We got some shopping going on there with our partners fashion fair "Shopturgis" where a bunch of Lithuanian designers gather to sell their clothes and accessories. There was a prepared programme as well,which started just the way our morning routine starts, from breakfast! Then we got to do some morning exercise and moved to the beauty process. Not only for women, but also for men. There was a facebook winner who won the prize - to get some changes of her look by the Beauty salon Ditė and also a beard cut live on stage for man! Awesome, isn't it? Finally, there were two fashion collections represented at the end of the event by the designers Alvyda N. (I actually got a chance to be a model for her collection once too) and Ernesta J. Ernesta is actually an owner of the Closte Clothes boutique I'm working with, so her clothes must be quite familiar to you. Here you go some of the captured moments of the whole event. Thank you Tryon team for awesome experience!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Walking around with my 36 shirt

Remember this beauty I wore in Italy? Decided to pull it out  again and this time wear it in kinda different way. What do you think? 
I matched it together with my super loose trousers and lacy top and I think, this kind of style mixture turned out to be quite interesting and unique, but in a good way. What are your thoughts?

A beauty box

Some days ago I got this awesome beauty box full of goodies from Grozio Draugas. Thank you so much! Some of you may have already seen it on my instagram page. However you haven't seen what's inside yet. Today I decided to take some shots of the beauty products and show it to you, guys. Okay so some of them I have already tried and guess what? I totally loved it!
Click to see more to know what's inside the box!

Casual sporty look for Monday

There are always days like this when you are fed up with all the work and the projects and all you want to do is to escape in the nature or have a picnic somewhere in town or go to watch a movie with your friends. Anything is fine, as soon as you can forget the issues for a little while and just take your time and enjoy your sunny summer days. Recently I was organizing a fashion event and I had less time just for myself and all I was concentrating on was work I got to do, so now for the last week of summer, all I'm going to do is just spend some quality time with my friends and of course prepare for school :(( Here you go my look for Monday! 

Kaunas, Lithuania


Another outfit post today. This time it's all black and full of fringes.

Kaunas, Lietuva

A day off

Whenever I have a free day I tend to spend it outside. An evening with my friends sounds the best to me. As for the outfit for a day like this...Since it's really hot outside I try not to wear too much layers, it is easer to move around that way and enjoy the evening. I also try to put aside all the accessories and jewellry as it becomes a burden on a hot day like this. A simple outfit for your day off that's how I call it.

Kaunas, Lietuva

The chocolate bodysuit

Lately days are getting hotter and hotter here in Lithuania. It seems like you could just burn. For days like these I choose to wear the sleeveless bodysuit.  It's easy to move around wearing this and it looks flawless.  What I love even more is the colour. It looks absolutely delicious! What do you think? Look it up on Closte Clothes web page!

Kaunas, Lithuania

City Jungle

Recently we've been collaborating with TryOn.lt a Lithuanian fashion site. So if you are from Lithuania and if you are interest in my weekly posts, go there, grab a cup of morning coffee and just check some nice photographs taken by Dainius Sciuka
Cold rainy days. It's how it was in Lithuania some days ago. As the mood depends on the weather so much and it is is the main factor deciding my everyday looks, you can imagine how the past weeks passed by. Shortly saying I was caught in a fashion misery. Ok, so for that not to happen you got to know the holy fact that your atiddute is what's important, not weather. It depends on how you look at it and if you're good - everything is fine too. So instead  of cursing the damn rainy summer days, let's look at it a bit differently, dress up and have some fun. Well, at least it's what we did some days ago during our 'rainy' shooting. Click there and see the Lithuanian version on their site.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Tennis Girl

Recently it is all about something extravagant with a lot of accessories to me. Haven't you noticed? 
It's not really comfortable, bu we have to agree, that it just looks good. So today here is a totally opposite look. Starting from this awesome pastel tennis girl dress which gives some sporty vibes and that bright neon necklace to make this look more urban-like. Add beige huge tote bag at the end to neutralize the whole look. It's minimal, comfortable and super stylish. What do you think?
Check Closte clothes boutique for more minimal looks!

Evening walks

I choose black for evenings. To make it look cooler try adding some golden details and dark lipstick..oh and fringes too! This will definitely make you look chic as hell. I tried it out on my late walk at the old town and I totally loved it.

cartoon in colours part II

Finally I'm back from a little break, fully recovered so a whole bunch of posts is waiting for you, guys. Today I want to share another colourful article that includes those another awesome pair of leggings by Leg Code. (The first part you can find here!) 
Here you go another way of styling these beauties. Check it out and see which way you like more. The nerd one or the chic one? You can find various styles at Closte Clothes boutiqe.

Rumšiškės, Lithuania

Festival Vibes

Last weekend was great to me as I got a chance to attend my first ever music festival. Thank you Granatos team for letting me and sister be there! It was awesome!

So the thing is, Granatos, one of the biggest music festivals in Lithuania was held last weekend and I happened to be there too. Remember our chosen outfits for the music festival? If not, go there right now and check the post! Now, here you go some of the photos from the second day, because the first one was a little bit rainy so I didn't have a chance to take any.  :(

cartoon in colours part I

There is always that day when the colors are in need. That day suddenly came to me too and I felt like I couldn't go out without wearing something colourful or even better- cartoonized. Combine those two together and we will get the coolest combination. Today I'm wearing some of the coolest pair of leggings from the new Leg Code collection. Be sure to follow up the upcoming posts to see more outfit ideas of how to wear those ultra colourful cartoon leggings. I must tell you that you can get them only at the Closte Clothes.

The sisters' hangout

I love hanging out with sis. It's probably because we're both fashion bloggers, doing the same thing and it just happened that we both have same friends, who sometimes luckily take the pictures of us. Here you go some shots from last week while we were hanging out in the old town.

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