Casual sporty look for Monday

There are always days like this when you are fed up with all the work and the projects and all you want to do is to escape in the nature or have a picnic somewhere in town or go to watch a movie with your friends. Anything is fine, as soon as you can forget the issues for a little while and just take your time and enjoy your sunny summer days. Recently I was organizing a fashion event and I had less time just for myself and all I was concentrating on was work I got to do, so now for the last week of summer, all I'm going to do is just spend some quality time with my friends and of course prepare for school :(( Here you go my look for Monday! 

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  1. Beautiful and perfect outfit.

  2. You look so cool !
    Love your sunglasses.

  3. Hello from Spain: I really like your outfit. It is very trendy. Keep in touch.

  4. You look amazing!!

  5. Such light and feminine look! Love it)


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