cartoon in colours part I

There is always that day when the colors are in need. That day suddenly came to me too and I felt like I couldn't go out without wearing something colourful or even better- cartoonized. Combine those two together and we will get the coolest combination. Today I'm wearing some of the coolest pair of leggings from the new Leg Code collection. Be sure to follow up the upcoming posts to see more outfit ideas of how to wear those ultra colourful cartoon leggings. I must tell you that you can get them only at the Closte Clothes.

I was wearing:

Missguided shoes
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  1. Such a interesting outfit, finally something unusual , love it!

    Beba | Foam Fashion

  2. as you look wonderful! pretty
    needs of clicks in the newest post, can you help?

  3. Oh wow! This looks really unexpected)

  4. such an amazing look! loved those leggings!!


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