Winter's end - part II

Hello, my dears! It's already night in Lithuania. However, I really wanted to show you photos, which I took in Marijampole city. More about it you'll find in this post.You already saw my outfit that day in previous photos. But I also want to show you another part of photos, that I took with my phone. Enjoy!

Last days of winter!

Yesterday I was in Marijampolė. It's one of the cities in Lithuania. I was there because of one dance competition. We did great there! However today is Sunday and I can't accept the fact that tomorrow is Monday again! So much work to do... Hope this week will be awesome, because it'll be the last days of winter. I'm really waiting for spring to come!

Leopard pattern

Ahh, I'm so late with this post! I couldn't post on my blog because of school matters! So many exams this week. However today you'll get to see my new outfit, which I wore one day ago! I with my sister and my friend Gerda were in the cinema and watched a really good movie. Today I don't have so much time for my blog either. Tomorrow is going to be such a hard day! Good luck for me!

Sweater and skirt

Yesterday I was with my friend Aušra in the shopping center. I was looking for clothes for new season! Finally! New collections are already in stores! I love this time of the year. preparing for summer. Spring is coming really fast and I have so many plans over the coming months!  
Yesterday I was wearing quite comfortable outfit. My favorite black skirt, you have seen many times on my blog and lacy sweater. I shouldn't forget to mention my UGG shoes from Australia and leather bag from H&M.

Snowy winter

Hello again, dear readers. Hope this week went smoothly to you. Because my week was just perfect! It was just a few lessons and not so many tests and the whole Friday was free so I got to sleep longer and spent all day with my friends. I just recently found out that it is my first photos outside with lots of snow, although it's already a warming period. 
However, as I said, today I spent with my friends. So let's just see the photos. :))

Hello, February!!

One day ago I met my friends in the old town and we spent all day together in the Chinese restaurant and then in the coffee club. It's already February. I'm really happy that winter is going to the end. It's still cold outside, however I'm sitting at home two weeks now and I promised myself that tomorrow I'll go to school no matter what. 
Now let's see what did I wear one day ago. 
I chose white blouse from Primark, and my leopard pattern, fur jacket, which I ordered online.
My black skirt is from Tally Weijl and my socks is from Topshop. Leather, ankle boots I bought in Stradivarius. My bracelets on the left hand are from Stradivarius, my ring as well. And bracelets on the right one are from H&M.

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