Hello, February!!

One day ago I met my friends in the old town and we spent all day together in the Chinese restaurant and then in the coffee club. It's already February. I'm really happy that winter is going to the end. It's still cold outside, however I'm sitting at home two weeks now and I promised myself that tomorrow I'll go to school no matter what. 
Now let's see what did I wear one day ago. 
I chose white blouse from Primark, and my leopard pattern, fur jacket, which I ordered online.
My black skirt is from Tally Weijl and my socks is from Topshop. Leather, ankle boots I bought in Stradivarius. My bracelets on the left hand are from Stradivarius, my ring as well. And bracelets on the right one are from H&M.

Two days ago I received my new phone case from Singapore.

And some photos in Chinese restaurant.

Emily and Auguste

Chinese chicken with sweet sauce and pineapples. On Instagram

Chicken soup.

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