Welcome to the Christmas Party

Finally finally it's that time of the year! 
To mood that Christmas spirit of yours I welcome you to check some photos of the Christmas Party and of course some looks that may inspire to create your own personal outfit in the coming days! The outfits were chosen and styled carefully by Lithuanian stylist Ernesta Jorude. (check the full article here to know all the tips and secrets)
Hope you guys having an awesome holidays! Mine winter holidays has already started so I may get into blogging so much during the coming days! And now that tomorrow is Christmas Eve which I can't believe because it's so unexpected, I can't wait for you to see the photos below!

Walking around like hippie

Indigo jeans, furry jacket and extra long tartan pattern shirt? For sure! The other side of me is coming out today! Love this cool yet effortless look? Then try for yourself! Just don't forget to tie your hair behind your head to make the hippie feel around you much stronger!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Juozas Statkevičius s/s 2016

Good evening dears! Let me show you something amazing today! The biggest fashion show of Lithuania took place in Vilnius some weeks ago and of course I happened to be there too. As Lithuania is known for having so many designers and fashion personas in general, I could say that Juozas Statkevicius is something that this small country should be especially proud of. I've been attending all of his shows for three years now and I can say that every time it really amazes me much more than ever before! This time was no exception. 

The event is attended by so many notable people of Lithuania as well as the most famous models such as Lithuanian supermodel and first ever Lithuanian to be a Victoria Secret model Edita Vilkeviciute who  opened and closed the whole show. It was so nice to see her rock the runway! 

At first glance you can see that this show is not an ordinary one. Even the name of the show talks for itself " Secret Life of JS" which later was changed to "Secret Life of Yours", which in my opinion could refer to everyone having their own personal secret life that they don't like to talk about. Well you can decide for yourselves what was all show about after watching the photos taken by Ramūnas Tanguris.

Eastern Europe

Handmade Jewellry Shooting

Finally I got to talk about this amazing shoot that happened some weeks ago in my favorite cafe! To go straight to the point I got to say that the shoot was all about jewellry, handmade on top of that. Every piece was so unique and original and just made me want to keep them all to myself. Sadly, not many people know about the designers that work really hard to create such masterpieces, that is why many of those goodies are left underrated and unnoticed at the end. This time a lot of notable women in Lithuania participated and made this event stand out much more. Thanks to Kurybos Podiumas people got a chance to know about this and even could get their hands on those beauties. Today I would like you to see the photos taken by the amazing Evelina Sumilovaite! (Source 15min.lt, lietuve.lt)

Let the imagination take over

Here we go, another styling project with Tryon.lt  Again we got a chance to challenge ourselves at styling, but this time we weren't dressing ourselves, instead we created some outfits for Simona! You  know, that Winter is such a trouble-making season, since you start panicking for not having enough clothes in your closet. But wait! It's not new clothes that you need, instead why not let the imagination take over? Less clothes, more imagination, right? 

Challenge yourselves! Take out the least worn clothes from the back of your closet and mix it together with the one you have bought recently! The result will be astonishing and will give so many new feels to your outfit! Also, don't forget the wearing methods! that's where all the secrets hides. Find another way to wear the same clothing pieces. For instance take an old hoodie or any sweater you have and instead of wearing it traditional way, wrap it around your neck just as a regular scarf. Play with its sleeves imitating ribbons or knots. Awesome right? 

Another thing that will make you stand out without wearing anything new - mix the textures! Don't be afraid to mix two or even four totally different textures that are not likely to match from the first glance. For example silk skirt, knitted sweater and woolen coat mixed together seems like it's mission impossible, but in fact. it's looks super dope. So girls, no more new clothes, extra expenses, but more imagination and effortless looks! (Read the original post here).

Winter lights

Finally it's Winter! It's time to pull out all the warmest clothes from the closet, since it's gonna be so cold in coming days. (I hope not). Today still enjoying the Autumn-like weather with a touch of glamour from Closte Clothes boutique. 

Last day of Autumn

I must say Autumn and all the cold seasons in particular are mostly very dark for me from the clothing side. Black or grey, grey or black, oh and khaki. These are the colours that make me survive the coldest time of my life in the fashion world. I try to make my days a bit more colourful by adding some golden details into my look and maybe a bright bag or something but yeah after all those hours at school and at work I'm too tired to wear something more eye catching. 

Paris, France

It's time for Paris! Instasnap/video

Paris, oh Paris... I'm so in love with this city even if I were there only once. You can't help it, just love it! I love everything food, culture, architecture...It's so magnificent and unforgettable. 
Today let me one more time remind you of my stay there about a month ago and maybe inspire you to travel there too. Well I am sure some of you must have been there for a thousand of times and know this place much better than I do, but a little bit of inspiration have done wrong to no one. And if you by chance haven't seen the sights of Paris yet, well, take a look then, to have a better idea!
To feel the ultimate Parisian spirit click on the video below! :)) 

Jewellry trends for fall/winter 16

Today let's talk about a bit of glitters in our life. I know that most of you should love jewellry, doesn't really matter if it's necklaces that you love or earrings. As for me, I love every one of them, that's why I try to keep up with trends so much. Following the trends is not that easy as it looks at first. There are so many of them and just a couple that is super super popular. Today I'm here to present those few trends and maybe amaze you with some of them. 

Let's begin from the beginning, you must have already heard of Geometrical details. This trend is actually really popular in the field of handbags, however it got so on point, that designers made models wear those details handing from their ears as well as on their necks. 

The lonely earring is so unique yet so well liked by almost every designer and their public. You could see those in all the fashion weeks, however shown in different sizes and forms. Tibi presented very piquant lonely earring that looked more like a piece of art. Meanwhile Isabel Marant's choise was the lonely pearl earring which is another hottest trend today.
Also, have you heard of facial piercings? It looks just like it sounds, the face of a model pierced multiple times in multiple places. It trully looks astonishing. Take a look. (full original article on Tryon.lt)

Autumn in details

Wondering what to wear in Autumn? Just wear grey, but don't forget to add some golden details that will make your outfit look a bit more chic  and fancy. Today  to this simple yet amazing Provocateur dress I also added this lovely scarf, another touch which made my look shine on this gloomy Monday!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Meeting bloggers at Agne Fashion Studio

I'm happy to share some of the moments from our meet at Agne fashion Studio in Vilnius.
The amazing designer Agne and her brand name Fashion By Agne Deveikyte just caught my heart. If you haven't seen the latest fall/winter 16  collection you should check it right now! It's so unique and minimal. I love love every piece found in studio. It was so nice to meet the designer eye to eye and to listen about the whole idea and process of bringing this collection to life. I had a truly great time!

The orange skirt

I love love this skirt so much! It's definitely a perfect piece for fall, so make sure you have at least one of these in your closet. The colour and the length of the skirt are just on point! Match some over-the-knee boots and here you go, your super stylish look for the daily week.

Guru magazine Editorial

The day has come! The day I finally got to reveal our shoot for Guru magazine, which was supposed to come out this September, however some issues came up and we couldn't possibly publish it yet. 
Well, we still are working on this issue and we are still waiting for some good news, so let's wait a little bit more... I should say big thanks for Closte Clothes boutique, Style City, Deichmann and H&M for giving us a chance to look flawless in the editorial. Thanks Carolina and Jūratė for letting us look soo pretty  that day. Also big thanks to the amazing photographer and girl Rasa for the great work!! She is my favourite so far! And thanks Bugati that is the most adorable and stylish dog on earth!  Hope you like the photos guys, even though it's already too cold for dressing like that, I heope we still can inspire you even a little bit for this gloomy Autumn!! Enjoy.

The navy dream

A look at the Olesia Les show

Not too long ago I had a great chance to try walking on catwalk once more! This time it was the awesome Olesia Les show. The whole event was held in the War Museum in Kaunas. The theme of the show perfectly matched the place. Everything looked astonishing! The clothes, the orchestra performance, the lasers, the stage... Have a good look at the photos from the day! I prepared some photographs from the internet sources as well as some snaps inside the backstage. In addition, there is a video below, be sure to check it!


It's finally that time of the year, when you start wishing for Christmas to come! Freezing weather outside and super cozy chit chats inside with a cup of hot chocolate and that Christmas spirit definitely makes November so much welcomed in Lithuania! 
Being outside is also not a bad idea, when you make your scroll stylish and unforgettable. This time the furry-pocket coat is that one thing that made my Autumn's look incredibly chic! Hope you all have that one piece in your wardrobe, that gives that extra charm to your everyday look!
Note: The awesome vest/coat from Closte Clothes can actually transform! You can choose which style you like more according to your current outfit or mood! So awesome!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Deichmann loves shoes and bloggers

Not too long ago I received an awesome invitation to the event for bloggers, organised by Deichmann. I wasn't aware about the purpose of the event or what are we going to do there, however we could see a little hint in the invitation. It was all customized and most of you could have seen it on my instagram (evamacij). In one word, it was awesome. Not only the invite but also the whole evening. We drank some wine, ate some sweets, listened to advises about filming as well as heard some make up tips for the movie making. and lastly we had a great time dancing before the camera with the newest booties from the new Deichmann fall collection.  Don't judge me guys. It was my first ever movie filming with so many eyes looking right at me. It was fuun but still awkward.

Messy hair, don't care

First of all sorry for the lame title, just couldn't find the more original and creative way to highlight today's feature. Well, I think everyone has that 'messy hair' day anyway. 
Secondly,  sorry for my bandaged finger nail. I'm so careless lately.
Also, big thanks to Sammydress.com for the awesome blouse for fall. Couldn't be greater!
Sometimes I just feel like I need something simple that could go well together with anything I wear, especially when I am back to school :( Well I think my khaki look of today made my Tuesday fun and stylish. Need more of those blouses to make more looks like this...

Paris, France

Last evening in Paris

On our last evening in Paris we decided to visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral as well as spend a lovely evening near the Seine river. It was so lovely and so beautiful that those memories will never leave me alone. I also decided to take more photos of the surroundings so you could better imagine the whole thing I am talking about. The scenery is astonishing and breathe-taking and you, who haven't visited Paris yet, can see it too. The city is so inspirational with it's culture, history, art and stories and of course beautiful environment.

Paris, France

Parisian days

So as the Parisian days are going so fast I can't really coupe with the idea of leaving Paris and head back home. It's so sad to even think about it. What's more, the session of my Parisian looks will be soon over and I will have to come back to the gloomy Lituanian autumn. Today, just saying an early goodbye to Paris with one of the brightest looks!

Paris, France

Musée le Louvre

We got another chance to visit Louvre museum, just this time we actually came inside to see all the famous paintings. It was awesome guys! Even thought my feet hurt so much to the point where I can barely walk. Hope you guys enjoy my new outfit which was set in black with some colourful acessories dominating the whole look. Orange is my favorite this season, followed by sky blue. What are your favorite colours this fall?

Paris, France

Bonjour, Paris!

It's my third day in Paris and we decided to visit Eiffel as well as drink some famous hot chocolate at Angelina! So Parisian! Hope you guys are having a fun time as much as I do! And again, thanks Happiness Boutique for these awesome earrings I got to wear today!

Paris, France

Strolling around Montmartre

I love love to explore different places. I try to do it every time I'm out of my country. I love to try out new food, to listen to local language and visit some of the local places. This time the place I chose to explore was non other than our beloved Monmartre. Yup, the same region where the most stylish Parisian movie Amelie was shot. It can't get more inspirational, right? So yeah, my first afternoon in Paris went just like that, strolling around beautiful areas in Monmartre. I also took some photos on my way. Be sure to check them out!

Paris, France

First time in Paris!

It's my first day in Paris and  I totally love it! As we live in Montmartre, first we decided to visit Louvre museum since it's not so far from the house we're staying at. All I could say from today's trolling outside the Louvre is that it's soo amusing and breath-taking that even now I still can't take it out of my mind. Regarding the outfit I chose for today, well you'll be surprised about my latest obsession with 90s style. The turtle-neck (in the colour of the brick?!) as well as the pair of indigo flare jeans tell a lot about it!
Also I must say big thanks to Happiness Boutique for sending me those awesome earrings! I am so delighted! Get the same here!

Maxi dress in Blue!

Remember me telling you about my latest obsession with blue? Well here you go another bright blue coloured dress. This time in the maximum length. Go find it in Sammydress.com. Looks Super chick and feels good to wear  in Autumn, guys! You must find your own maxi dress for this time of the year!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Black blouse and tartan skirt in red

Okay so as some of you may already know that I'm collaborating with Sammydress.com they've been sending me those awesome clothes for some time now. Today I want to show you another 'casual' but chic combination I've been wearing in my everyday life for years!  Yup, it's what you think it is. Black blouse and tartan skirt! Love the result, guys! What are your thoughts, leave the feedback.

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