Vilnius, Lithuania

Deichmann loves shoes and bloggers

Not too long ago I received an awesome invitation to the event for bloggers, organised by Deichmann. I wasn't aware about the purpose of the event or what are we going to do there, however we could see a little hint in the invitation. It was all customized and most of you could have seen it on my instagram (evamacij). In one word, it was awesome. Not only the invite but also the whole evening. We drank some wine, ate some sweets, listened to advises about filming as well as heard some make up tips for the movie making. and lastly we had a great time dancing before the camera with the newest booties from the new Deichmann fall collection.  Don't judge me guys. It was my first ever movie filming with so many eyes looking right at me. It was fuun but still awkward.

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  1. Amazing pictures, I like the skirt you are wearing :)

  2. Nice post dear! :)


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