Paris, France

It's time for Paris! Instasnap/video

Paris, oh Paris... I'm so in love with this city even if I were there only once. You can't help it, just love it! I love everything food, culture, architecture...It's so magnificent and unforgettable. 
Today let me one more time remind you of my stay there about a month ago and maybe inspire you to travel there too. Well I am sure some of you must have been there for a thousand of times and know this place much better than I do, but a little bit of inspiration have done wrong to no one. And if you by chance haven't seen the sights of Paris yet, well, take a look then, to have a better idea!
To feel the ultimate Parisian spirit click on the video below! :)) 

Ready to take off, guys! First dinner in Paris! Just took a shot of Laura to start our daily instasnap-moment-catch routines! Eclairs are must try pastries in a place like Paris so no wonder we had some too. And out of nowhere -  a part of my last look while in Paris.
A part of first Parisian look and the first sight of Paris as well. 
Angelina, oh Angelina. Tasting worldwide known African hot chocolate at Angelina was one of our #must-do-in-paris moments and it's now #complete! 
A part of the second Parisian look as well as the first sights of Lourve taken inside! And my outfit in all the colours!
Laura insisted on taking photo of me during some work we were doing in Montmartre! Some croissants for breakfast? Yes, please. 
La seine..wish I was there right now. Such an authentic feeling on the right photo as well. 
The last shots of beautiful Seine river, Louvre and Eiffel! See you soon guys!

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  1. Nice pictures, have a good day

  2. Paris is a great city. Despite what happened two weeks ago, I would love to go and visit it again.


  3. Looks like you had a lovely time, the photos are so gorgeous. I have to visit one day.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

  4. I love Paris too! Your photos are amazing! Great blog!
    Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch! Just let me know!

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  6. You look so lovely! Have a wonderful day!
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