Jewellry trends for fall/winter 16

Today let's talk about a bit of glitters in our life. I know that most of you should love jewellry, doesn't really matter if it's necklaces that you love or earrings. As for me, I love every one of them, that's why I try to keep up with trends so much. Following the trends is not that easy as it looks at first. There are so many of them and just a couple that is super super popular. Today I'm here to present those few trends and maybe amaze you with some of them. 

Let's begin from the beginning, you must have already heard of Geometrical details. This trend is actually really popular in the field of handbags, however it got so on point, that designers made models wear those details handing from their ears as well as on their necks. 

The lonely earring is so unique yet so well liked by almost every designer and their public. You could see those in all the fashion weeks, however shown in different sizes and forms. Tibi presented very piquant lonely earring that looked more like a piece of art. Meanwhile Isabel Marant's choise was the lonely pearl earring which is another hottest trend today.
Also, have you heard of facial piercings? It looks just like it sounds, the face of a model pierced multiple times in multiple places. It trully looks astonishing. Take a look. (full original article on

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