Kaunas, Lithuania

White as snow

Finally I made myself to go out on this snowy day. During time like this I usually stay at home, because I hate melting snow and cold weather outside. But I just couldn't resist to have a cup of coffee with my friends this time. As for my outfit, I'm with my new fur coat which is already my favorite on days like this. I can't go out anywhere without it. It makes me feel warm and comfortable. 
I was also wearing my striped blouse together with my Zara necklace and it gave my look that French feeling.

Pure white fur faux coat

Yesterday I had a really great time with my friends.  I didn't forget to take some pictures too. This time I really want to show off my new fur coat. I love it so much as it is super cozy and lovely and keeps me warm during these cold winter days.

Modeling with sister

Today's article will be quite short and it will about our recent modeling job that we  got to do.
Me and my sister and some other girls from our model agency were asked to model for Loulou Et Tu again. They were presenting their new A/W collection that isn't even in the stores so I can't show you photos with their clothes yet. But I will in near future. 
So photos I'm showing you right now aren't related to the whole collection. Let's just say me and my sister are having some fun in the backstage.

Milly Bridal / Prom Dresses Part 2

Good morning beauties! Holidays are over again and studying is all that is on my mind right now.
So I m pretty much busy with school matters and eventually do not have enough time on my blog.
However that is not the point right now. Today, again I would like to talk about 
http://uk.millybridal.org , an online clothing store that you should all be aware about by now since I have been writing about them for weeks. Well, if you did not catch up with me and with the latest news on my blog, I shall remind you. Milly Bridal is an online clothing store which specializes mostly on selling dresses for special occasions such as weddings, prom, birthday parties and so much more.

Recap of 2014

As I said before I'm so late with posting these articles  as they should have been posted a long time before.
However I just feel like I can not skip these, because they are a must, right? I find it great to collect the photos of the previous year and just remember what I've achieved during this year and what I've not done yet and make resolutions for the next year. I think it's important not to miss this part because it's really important to improve.
So as I looked back to the start of this year to the end I think I had done a really great job with my blog. I had done done a lot of interviews as well as styling projects for 8 to go brand and fashion magazine Etiquette. Also I attended a lot of photo shoots, had done a lot of modeling and had a lot of collaboration work to do. I think this year was really great at this point. Also traveled to Turkey for the first time and  I think I'd gone through the amazing experience! It made me realize what I really want to do with my life. And now as 2014 is already over I think I will do so much more this year and I will get closer to my goals and dreams and won't stop moving forward, because that is what is all about.

Dresses from RosaNovias

Good evening, guys! Today I am really excited to introduce you to RosaNovias! For those who do not know what I am talking about right now, Rosanovias is an online clothing store which focuses on selling dresses for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, homecoming parties and much much more. All the products on their page are customized so that it will fit you perfectly: the colour and the size so that on the Big Day you could look and feel amazing.
As I was looking through their page I must say that I completely fell in love with all those wedding dresses. They made my heart skip a beat. If you want to know how I was really feeling at that moment you should see for yourself. Today I am planning on showing you the list of my favorite wedding dresses, special occasion dresses as well as dresses for kids. I was kind of worried if I should do the children category, but then I thought it was a new thing in my blog and I guess you all feel kind of excited about it too. Believe me those dresses are just gorgeous. So? what are we waiting for?

Christmas Gift from Vinted

Sorry for writing so late. This post should have been posted a long time ago as I'm talking about Christmas! Remember me writing about my Vinted Christmas wishlist? Do you remember classy black colored bag in that list? Well, this baby is now in my closet! 
 I had some problem with taking it from the post office so sorry for being so late, guys. Anyway as I've finally got this beauty I'm so excited to tell you that I've got it as a Christmas present from Vinted.lt . This is a perfect-sized bag to carry in it everything you need, including camera which is not so small, so I usually find it difficult to take it with me.
 This bag pretty much fits for school, uni or work, isn't that great?

Meeting 2015

Hey new day of 2015! Today is the new day, it's a perfect time to start something new, to start changing to start living just the way you want. Let's make resolutions!
I hope all of you had an amazing New Years Eve. Well for me it was a warm evening in my house together with my sister and my friend who came over. We had a great time! Today I prepared for you just some photos of yesterday evening just to make sure that every moment is recorded in my blog. 
Have a nice day you guys!

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