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Good evening, guys! Today I am really excited to introduce you to RosaNovias! For those who do not know what I am talking about right now, Rosanovias is an online clothing store which focuses on selling dresses for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, homecoming parties and much much more. All the products on their page are customized so that it will fit you perfectly: the colour and the size so that on the Big Day you could look and feel amazing.
As I was looking through their page I must say that I completely fell in love with all those wedding dresses. They made my heart skip a beat. If you want to know how I was really feeling at that moment you should see for yourself. Today I am planning on showing you the list of my favorite wedding dresses, special occasion dresses as well as dresses for kids. I was kind of worried if I should do the children category, but then I thought it was a new thing in my blog and I guess you all feel kind of excited about it too. Believe me those dresses are just gorgeous. So? what are we waiting for?

Okay, so I'm going to start with this lovely collection that just fascinates me by it's fabric. I love the harmony between tulle and laces it makes the look more lovely and gives that princess feeling. Did you notice the ribbon on the waist? Doesn't it look cute?
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Let me tell you straight. The fact I added these into my list is that I was impressed by the idea of representing the collection a.k.a shooting. Doesn't that dark lipstick and lacy dresses makes you feel quite uneasy.  I love the idea of mixing darkness with those white wedding dresses. These should suit girls who love to be different.*Buy 1 Buy 2 Buy 3

I will end the list with adorable widely known column/sheath shaped wedding dresses. I actually love the natural look it has. I'm always showing you the princess type dresses that are usually very long and includes many layers of laces and tulle and are decorated with diamonds and glitters and what not. You may not know that I also love this kind of look that is just as natural as it seems in the photos. *Buy dress 1 Buy dress 2 Buy dress 3

Now I also want to show you some of my favorite special occasion dresses that I found in their page. I love the fact that the page is full of maxi dresses that I love love so much. It was a difficult time for me to choose, well but I did. *Buy dress 1 Buy dress 2 Buy dress 3 Buy dress 4

Finally, I found some of the cutest first communion dresses to show you at the end of the post.
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