Milly Bridal / Prom Dresses Part 2

Good morning beauties! Holidays are over again and studying is all that is on my mind right now.
So I m pretty much busy with school matters and eventually do not have enough time on my blog.
However that is not the point right now. Today, again I would like to talk about , an online clothing store that you should all be aware about by now since I have been writing about them for weeks. Well, if you did not catch up with me and with the latest news on my blog, I shall remind you. Milly Bridal is an online clothing store which specializes mostly on selling dresses for special occasions such as weddings, prom, birthday parties and so much more.

Last week I was writing about prom dresses and I picked some of the most awesome prom dresses from their page. Today I will still keep on writing the same topic and I will make this post look more like a second part of Prom Dresses UK. So again I am going to pick ‚the most awesome‘ dresses and add it to my list here on  my blog. It is a great chance for you to pick your favorite one and buy it while it is still in stock. 

Again I chose a list of maxi dresses and a list of mini dresses for those who prefer showing their legs. While wearing short dress you will definitely look super chick and sexy, on the other hand with maxi dress you will look classy and feminine at the same time. It is for you, girls, to choose how do you want to look and how do you want to feel on your prom evening. 
As for me I have an obsession for maxi dresses. Maybe some of you know that as I am always walking around with my maxi skirts on the summertime, however I really love short dresses as they can make you look super pretty and chick and make you feel like little princess on that evening.
That is all for now. However I am not done with prom dresses at all. So do not hurry to pick one yet as I am planning to show you one more list for the coming week.
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