Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

Fuerteventura moments and style details

Hello everyone! Today let's remember our travel to Fuerteventura and let's see our video which is full of moments of joy and also some style details that you could have missed. Video is also uploaded on Deichmann trendblog, so don't forget to check that too!
I must remind you that in the video you can also see my sister and her outfit ideas too.

W' D' Looren S/S 2015

Hello everyone, I'm back with a bunch of good news! This week was crazy busy for me!! You can't imagine! Though, the busy week is not over yet. However I just have to share with you about my last attendance at the W'D' Looren fashion show !  It was held in the store of Looren, where a lot of people came to see the show including some noted people of Lithuania.
I was so happy to attend as a model and walk on runaway with clothes of such brands as Loulu Et Tou, which you, my dears, should know by now and W' D' Looren, of course. Here I collected some photos for you from the internet press, hope you enjoy it, guys. 
Apart from that, I feel kind of sad because I couldn't attend the Orelli wedding dresses fashion show today! I was looking forward to it so much! Right now I feel kind of sad, because as I've seen in the photos the collection was truly fascinating. In fact, that's not the only event I had to turn down this week.  I wish I could plan my schedule more carefully or something, because it seems I'm missing some great events to attend.

Instadiary: Fuerteventura

Hello hello my fellow readers. 
As all the daily outfit & travel articles in Fuerteventura have already been published, instasnaps are the ones that you should see right now. In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting part about   blogging that includes travelling. every time I get a chance to collect every photo taken with my phone and show it  to you. I think these photos that seem insignificant are the ones that show the real colors behind the photos as all the precious moments and emotions are caught in them.
Here you go! Enjoy.

Good evening guys! I'm so happy to collaborate with For some of you who don't know it's an online clothing store that focuses on selling high quality wedding dresses or pretty much all the occasional dresses. I have to mention that you can buy beautiful fine quality dresses for a fairly cheap price right here, guys! For today I prepared  a post, which mainly focuses on weddings, so no, no prom dresses for today. And today I will show you some examples of the different types of wedding dresses and who knows? Maybe you will be interested in one of them?

Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

The old town of Corralejo

We visited the old town of corralejo in the first days while being here. However that time we just came across it and hurried to eat because we we craving for Spanish Paella and Sangria so much. Yesterday we decided to look around the old town another time but this time more carefully.
The narrow streets we so beautiful and simple. Nicely colored walls of the buildings and little nicely decorated cafes and restaurants in the corners
 made us feel so comfortable and welcomed. The atmosphere here is so good that it made us feel wanting to come here again.
Sitting in one of the local restaurants on the coast, drinking sangria while watching the ocean is one of the 'must do' while you are here, in

Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

Fuerteventura Day: 5 | Evening in Hotel

Days got really windy lately, so we decided to stay in our hotel area.  We actually planned to eat out this evening, but  before heading out we took some shots in our hotel. As there are a lot of greenery places there it looks really fascinating! Hope you guys will like it as much as I do.

Las Marismas Market

And so again, It's another day in Corralejo. Today I was quite lazy so decided not to do anything active and instead go to the market buy some snacks and enjoy a day near the pool while sunbathing. Here are some photos I took in the market. In the evening I'm going to the 
restaurant to had some delicious dinner again as I'm using a chance to eat out this week as much as possible.

A Day in The Desert

Good evening dear readers. Today was such a great day for me as I got a chance to visit the desert. it was white sand desert of Corralejo and even thought
we didn't get to see a lot of it, it was astonishing. Despite the fact that we had to walk a great distances today it was truly an amazing day of exploring.
Not everyday you got to see such great views.

Ocean coast

Good morning dear readers! Yesterday was my second day in Fuerteventura. On that day we decided to go to see the ocean for ourselves. The view was truly fascinating. 
When the waves were banging into the coast there was life boiling in the little shops and restaurants that were standing one by one
right beside the beach
We had a delicious Spanish dinner with vegetarian Paella and Sangria and for once I felt that I'm truly in Spain.
Just the climate here is so dry that you feel like you are somewhere in the dessert. If not for the wind we would just boil in hot sun.

Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

Evening in Fuerteventura

On the evening I decided to go look around the town and visit the beach.
 My day was super awesome as I had a delicious dinner in Asian restaurnt and also bought 
some delicious desserts from the bakery on my way! I also visited a mall full of little shops.
Well seems like I've been walking for hours, anyway I have some big plans for the coming days as it includes exploring the island more.

Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

Buenos Dias Corralejo!

Hello everyone! Yesterday I landed in Fuerteventura.  It's a Canary Island that I think everyone should visit once in their lives. I have posted some photos on my instagram account, so my follower should have already known this.
Now that I'm in Corralejo, I've never thought that the surroundings here are this fascinating. 
Today It's my first day here! All day I've been looking around the Corralejo town and of course I took photos in some places for you to see. That's all for now . I hope you like the photos and keep reading articles and keep up with my adventure in Corralejo!

Afterschool time

February is going really fast and these two weeks have been sooo busy for me! I've been studying so hard lately and I haven't had any free time for myself. I can't even focus on time that is just flying so fast! I can't  believe that Spring is right here around the corner! I actually realized that this winter I'd not made any 'daily' posts. I mean sometimes I got to show you something from my everyday life, but I haven't posted about it for a while now.
At this point, today I'm planning on showing you photos taken after my lessons have ended. In other words for today lets see 'my super flawsome afterschool time' shots.
And tomorrow I have quite a surprise for you so look forward to the coming posts!

New skirt and me in beige

First of all I'm so thankful to because yesterday I got a box, in which I found  this lovely skirt and also I found another little cute box filled with marshmallows with my instagram pictures on it. Some of you might have already seen it on my instagram.  I may do another post about it just for my blog readers, but I  still haven't decided about that. Well anyway Vinted keeps surprising me in any possible way! They keep sending me awesome things! Like really, it is so amazing to work with them!

As for my outfit I decided to wear my new skirt together with my new cozy sweater I got from I think those two match pretty well together. It also made me look almost beige from head to toe.
 At last I want say some words to my Lithuanian readers. I'm currently attending a competition, so if you like today's outfit, please go to , make sure you are registered and vote for me! I will be really glad. Love you, guys!

Dress 4 Austrialia

Today I want to introduce you, guys, to Again, it is an online clothing store focusing on selling dresses for special occasions such as weddings, prom, parties and much much more. I have posted so many wedding dresses containing articles already, but I still can't stop. As I myself got a chance to dress up with one and walk on runway I can tell how amazing it is to wear one, though I am not getting married or something. As I have been collaborating with some of the bridal e/clothing stores for some years now I can imagine how difficult it is to choose the right one as there are so many of them in different sizes, shapes and colors. 
But that is not the point today. Today lets just put bridal dresses aside and focus on more colorful topic.
Today I am going to talk about Special occasion dresses and I will choose some of the nicest pieces and I'll show it to you.

Slippers from Deichmann for cozy afternoon

Today I'm not going to talk about what to wear for the cold and gloomy days of January and instead I'm going to share with you my cozy 'home' look and what I'm wearing indoors at this cold time.
Well, obviously, when you come back from your work, school or whatever it may be, you usually hurry to put those uncomfortable clothes aside and wear your old jeans, sweatpants, pajamas or scroll into your bathrobe. It makes you feel cozy and warm. But that's not all. On these cold winter days the thing I love the most is slippers. With them you do not worry about catching a cold because you know your feet are being kept warm. Not to mention that comfort while wearing it...

Now as you are all dressed up to spend your afternoon at home, one thing that is left is to grab a cup of coffee and book and just enjoy your stay at home, right?

G Bridal

How are you today?  To me this weekend was full time of relaxation and concentration on my blog and studies. Today I want to introduce to you, guys,  an online clothing store 
It is an online clothing store that focuses on selling dresses for special occasions such as weddings, prom, birthday parties and so much more. Gbridal provide high quality dresses for a cheap price, so today you will get a chance to see some of the formal dresses under $100 and also other dresses for a little higher price. So as you may already know, today I will put wedding occasion aside and only talk about prom prom dresses. 
As for me I have an obsession for maxi dresses. Maybe some of you know that as I am always walking around with my maxi skirts on the summertime, however I really love short dresses as they can make you look super pretty and chick and make you feel like little princess on that evening.
If you have long beautiful legs that you want to show off and you are interested in mini dresses  or maybe you prefer looking feminine and classy and you love wearing maxi dresses. Well you should check this post because today I am going to show you the list of 
 2015 prom dresses And who knows, maybe you will see your dream-like dress that you have wanted for so long.

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