W' D' Looren S/S 2015

Hello everyone, I'm back with a bunch of good news! This week was crazy busy for me!! You can't imagine! Though, the busy week is not over yet. However I just have to share with you about my last attendance at the W'D' Looren fashion show !  It was held in the store of Looren, where a lot of people came to see the show including some noted people of Lithuania.
I was so happy to attend as a model and walk on runaway with clothes of such brands as Loulu Et Tou, which you, my dears, should know by now and W' D' Looren, of course. Here I collected some photos for you from the internet press, hope you enjoy it, guys. 
Apart from that, I feel kind of sad because I couldn't attend the Orelli wedding dresses fashion show today! I was looking forward to it so much! Right now I feel kind of sad, because as I've seen in the photos the collection was truly fascinating. In fact, that's not the only event I had to turn down this week.  I wish I could plan my schedule more carefully or something, because it seems I'm missing some great events to attend.

Sources: 15min.lt / lrytas.lt / kauno.diena.lt / Nerofoto
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  1. You looked really great. Love the blue dress you were wearing!


  2. Wooooow! It's so cool that you were a model at a fashion show!
    I'd have been soo excited! >__<
    You did an awesome job! :)


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