Afterschool time

February is going really fast and these two weeks have been sooo busy for me! I've been studying so hard lately and I haven't had any free time for myself. I can't even focus on time that is just flying so fast! I can't  believe that Spring is right here around the corner! I actually realized that this winter I'd not made any 'daily' posts. I mean sometimes I got to show you something from my everyday life, but I haven't posted about it for a while now.
At this point, today I'm planning on showing you photos taken after my lessons have ended. In other words for today lets see 'my super flawsome afterschool time' shots.
And tomorrow I have quite a surprise for you so look forward to the coming posts!

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  1. Beautiful photos dear!


  2. nice post! you want to follow each other ? let me know and I will follow you ))) a good weekend !

    1. thank you! follow you my №434))) great day !

    2. follow you twitter and facebook ! can you back?:-))))

  3. Beautiful pics!!! Love the combination of outfit!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I've followed you on GFC)) Hope you'll do the same:))


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