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Today I want to introduce you, guys, to http://www.dress4australia.com.au/. Again, it is an online clothing store focusing on selling dresses for special occasions such as weddings, prom, parties and much much more. I have posted so many wedding dresses containing articles already, but I still can't stop. As I myself got a chance to dress up with one and walk on runway I can tell how amazing it is to wear one, though I am not getting married or something. As I have been collaborating with some of the bridal e/clothing stores for some years now I can imagine how difficult it is to choose the right one as there are so many of them in different sizes, shapes and colors. 
But that is not the point today. Today lets just put bridal dresses aside and focus on more colorful topic.
Today I am going to talk about Special occasion dresses and I will choose some of the nicest pieces and I'll show it to you.

Let's start with mini dresses. Personally I have an obsession for maxi dresses. Maybe some of you know that as I am always walking around with my maxi skirts on the summertime, however I really love short dresses as they can make you look super pretty and chick and make you feel like little princess on that evening.
If you have long beautiful legs that you want to show off you should check this post because today I am going to show you the list of the most beautiful short dresses. And who knows, maybe you will see your dream-like dress that you wanted for so long.

Finally it's time for longer dresses. I was always fascinated by those. It is such a big variety of dresses  including colour, shape, material. Now that I have looked through all the prom dresses that they provides  I can tell that this site is suitable for any kind of taste. Even if you are a picky woman who wears bigger sizes you should not worry about not finding the right one.

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