Vilnius, Lithuania

Off to MI Day 1

So finally I'm so happy to post this, guys! Sorry for not posting it sooner though, I had some problem with my camera, but now everything is alright and I'm ready than ever to show you my outfit as well as photos of me and my sister from our weekend trip to Vilnius for MI, which is basically the biggest fashion festival in Lithuania.
Okay, so I don't know how this happened but me and sis chose kind of matching outfits for MI! Well in anyway I think we looked pretty cool together this way so it's good. :D On our way we met so many people who gave us really nice advice to make our blogs more interesting! So it was an awesome and inspirational trip I guess.  
When it comes to the whole show, in my opinion it was quite nice as all the collections fit my style and all, I wasn't bored at all, however all the collections had something in common that can make you think it was the one and only collection out there, but whatever. The thing I'm sad about is that I couldn't attend the second day! It would have been really great.


Good morning guys! Sorry for not writing anything for a long time. I have some problems with my camera. But as I'm making a break from all these ootd posts I want to introduce you to WSDear. For some of you who don't know, WSDear is an online clothing store that focuses on latest fashion trends and sells you fine quality fashionable clothes for both female and male. A new collection has recently came out featuring Emoji. These are really cute bright pieces of clothing for Spring. So it's a great chance to buy some, because the price is really affordable for everyone and  and I think all of us prefer a bright lovely look.
Here are some samples below that I've chose from their page. Hope you guys like it, and of course if it's not enough for you and you want to see more emoji clothing, you can search for you self clicking right here! (Click on the pic for more information about the product)

Sweet as cookies

Hello, fellows. Finally days got warmer in Lithuania. Although mornings are still cold, daytime is sunny and alluring. It's a great chance to focus on my blog, because at a time like this blogging seems to be at its finest. You can work on your looks, your poses and shots more carefully because the weather is favorable enough for that. For today I prepared a bit more colorful look for you guys! Spring does not stand still, me neither. I hope upcoming articles will be just like this weather of Spring. Getting more fun and colourful day by day.

I bet you've already noticed my new accessory for today as well, you guys.  Just look at my new clutch I bought back then in Corralejo. Doesn't it look cute? It looks so cute to me that I want to eat it! Finally I got a chance to take this beauty with me to the town center. 

Kaunas, Lithuania

Spring vibes: Cotton parka

As the weather got a bit better in Lithuania I grabbed a chance to wear my one and only parka and made today's look have those Spring vibes around me. I spent my day just looking around the main streets in town as the fair is up here in Lithuania there are a lot of people and bunch of things to buy. Finally I could feel Spring. However,  all those pleasant moments didn't last long as  the moment sun went down it became really cool outside.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Glitters on my Mind

I've started thinking, what is wrong with me? As you have noticed I love to wear black, and lately I got completely stuck with this color. Today for that not to happen I chose something that will stick out of the crowd and make people want to look at me. My lovely blazer I brought with me from Bodrum is the item I'm talking about right now. It's black but you can't tell the same about the sleeves.
I got some other glittering clothes in my closet and I've always loved them. It's time to get those out from the back of my closet and let it shine in the streets.

Kaunas, Lithuania

You'll find me in black

I've always loved black! It is such a nice color which doesn't actually tell a lot about a person and keeps it a secret. It is nice sometimes to be unpredictable,  or when it comes to me, it's pretty much all the time.
On this busy weekday why would I bother to look more into spring mood? It is really nice not to think much and grab your favorite black pieces from your wardrobe not worrying that it won't fit well together, because it obviously would. 😄

Kaunas, Lithuania

Bright accessories in need

As yesterday my sister had to make a little video for the Deichmann trendblog I decided to lend my hand too and help.  It was really fun but  it was cold as well and we both ended up freezing to our bones. Later we take it all back by drinking a cup of hot chocolate and biscuits. So it wasn't so bad after all.
Anyway, I also got  to take some photos of my outfit so you guys can check. Video will be posted very soon both on the trendblog  and my blog. Hope you guys will like it!

Kaunas, Lithuania

I choose black for rainy Spring

What's up, beauties? I hope you all are having a nice day! Yesterday I was in the city center, just for my own reasons. To meet my friends and so on... Last two weeks after coming back I was only working so I felt like I need to spend my weekends, at least, while restin at home or having fun with my friends.
Anyway, here I'm in my favorite black outfit! Except for my grey sneaker that I love. Just my favorite combination for Spring.

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