On my way to the musical

Yesterday I went to the musical. It was a gift from my best friend for my seventeen birthday which I will be celebrating so soon. I was so happy! I really enjoy theaters  and I enjoy musicals even more!
I had a great Saturday evening together with my sis and my friend! 
For the amazing day I chose to wear my velvet red dress and my platforms. It was a really unique mix but I hope it looked good.

I have so many things to show you for the coming month, so stay tuned!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Friday in Crystal Club

Yesterday I participated in one event called Lithuanian miss or something like that. I attended here as a a dancer and I had so much fun! It was held in a Crystal club. So much glitters in there  and also on my dress. I decided to mix a summer feeling into my outfit but in the evening weather gets cooler in Lithuania so I had to wear my fur coat. Well, hope you like it!

Find us in People mag

Good evening, guys! Today I want to make a quick article about our feature in Lithuanian magazine 'People' (ltu.žmonės). In the latest issue you can find a big article about Lithuanian fashion week or Fashion Ifection. Call it as you wish. Anyway, here we are! 

The lights

Today I had a rehearsal for Miss Lady or something like that. It's the first time for me attending in this event so I'm really excited about it. Don't mind me being so black, it's a rehearsal after all. Anyway, the main event is tomorrow. Hope I'll have a lot of fun. And some quick shots I've taken on my free time there!

More photos from FI day 3

Good evening, guys! Today I present you some photos from the Fashion Infection 3rd day. I must  mention that I do not own any of them! I found them on the internet and I also would like you to see it!

The source:  SHOP SPY.

Fashion Infection day 3

It's so sad I've attended in one day only, because this fashion show is sick! I'm telling you, guys. 
I've seen 6 collection and I can' tell you I liked them all. But there was definitely some cool stuff I had a chance to see! Maybe later I'll upload the video from the show.
For this show I've chosen to wear something swaggy and elegant at the same time. Let's see the photos, shall we?

That summer feeling

It feels so nostalgic right now. It's so sunny and warm outside and the scent of summer doesn't leave me alone. I missed summer so much! 
I'm so busy at this weekend. Finally, today's dance contest is over! I'm at home studying for the English exam and preparing for tomorrows fashion show. Can't wait! 

Kaunas, Lithuania

Gifts from Tally Weijl

On Sunday I'm going to Vilnius again for the Fashion Infection (ltu. Mados infekcija). A place where all the young designers in Lithuania show off their works. For more about it read in this post
*Two years ago I had a chance to participate in the model casting for the main show.
However, on Sunday I'm going there and of course I need to find what to wear. And that's then collaboration with Tally Weijl is a big help. I got some gifts from them and I feel so excited to try them on on the big day! 

It's Thursday

Today I had no lessons, only one exam. And I was so happy, cause I got 18 points from that and it is the maximum, so yeah. After that I quickly met my friend and we visited one Asian restaurant so it was so nice to try some desserts there! After that I also had to attend in a design class. I'm finally in progress of making my very first collection! Feeling so happy about that too! Well, now I'm at home feeling tired as hell. Ready to see some photos of today's outfit?

Me on People Magazine

Sooo, guys, today  well maybe I'm a little late but I still have to do this post I guess.
A week after Kuzmickaitės fashion show the new Lithuanian magazine 'People' (ltu.Žmonės) issue came out. There was an article about the latest fashion show and some photos with an evening guests and catwalk in it. So, yeah, it was really nice to find our photo too.

My name is Sweetie

Finally it's Friday and finally I'll get some time just for myself. You know, watching movies, tv series and etc. Maybe tomorrow I'll visit my friend and we will have a lovely movie night.
Exams are coming and I feel like I need a lot of peace because it's so stresfull  lately, hope this weekend gonna be loong and I'll get relaxed maybe a little bit.
Today I actually was planning to start my 'peaceful weekend' but my friends invited me and my sister for a cup of coffee and some desserts. How could I possibly resist? 
So here we go! Today's outfit just for you.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Tally Weijl photoshoot backstage

So I finally came home from Vilnius. It was a really busy day for me. From early morning going there to the shopping center Akropolis. Picking a bunch of clothes from Tally Weijl store, going to the  right place, where the photo shoot was supposed to begin. 

I think I haven't told you yet about my collaboration  with Tally Weijl. 
Well, they were looking for bloggers for the new Spring collection shoot for the magazine and the further cooperation. And here we are! Me and my sister. 
So, yep, it was really tiring day for me, but I really enjoyed it!
For now I present you some photos me and my sis took in the backstage!

Retro Floral T-Shirt

Today weather was really pleasant so all I could think of was spring and summer and I just  had to wear my new retro floral t-shirt from Persunmall. I've received it not too long ago, but I already love it. It was my first time wearing and I could say that it's so comfortable and fascinating at the same time.

I decided to match it together with my velvet purple leggings and also my headband which is also velvet.
Summer totally conquered my mind. I was so obsessed with bright colors this time! It has been a long time since I was so bright! Cold season was all about black and white so I think changes are good thing after all. It's finally spring and it makes me feels so alive! 

My new beanie

Today I finally  got a chance to show you my new beanie that I got so so long ago.
I decided to match it together with my \not so old either/ coat. What do you think?

Riga, Latvia

Hello, Riga!

Yesterday I woke up at 4am, got dresses and quickly moved to the bus, where my dace group was waiting. Then we all went to Latvia. We hadn't much time in the city, but we had some hours in the big shopping center, where we had lunch and then we moved to the contest! 
It was such a tiring day! In the end I had a terrible headache and I've also screamed my throat out. 
These photos were taken somewhere in the hall, where we were supposed to get dressed on the huge mountain of carpets. 

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