My Saturday

Good evening, readers! Or should I say good night? :D It's already late, at least in Lithuania for sure. However, just now I came back home. I was with my friends in the city and spent my Saturday in restaurant. Yes, it was really fun. But now I have lots of work to do, so this time I'll be  really quick. Just be sure to see today's photos! Good night!

New stuff from H&M

I didn't write in my blog lately. Well probably because of the school and the illness, that I got two days ago. However, yesterday my parents came back from the mountains of Austria. They had some fairing with them. The bigger part of it was chocolate and the other thing, that I received was H&M bag full of clothes.
So today let me just show you these lovely clothes, I received from my parents.

Simple black

Yesterday I was in the party. It was held for my dance crew to show dances we created. So we had to wear black clothes. I chose really comfortable outfit. You already know my blouse from H&M and   UGG shoes from WAWA. I also found some time to take photos for you.:))

Meeting New Years

Ok, let's show you some photos how I met my 2013. In last post I already told you, that I was doing it together with my family. Well, yeah, we went outside and watched fireworks in the sky. It was really amazing. So now let's discuss about, what I was wearing.
Let's start from my favorite fur coat, which I ordered online. And then it's my UGG boots fromWAWA. It wasn't luxurious, but it was quite comfortable. Now let's my photos, which was taken by my sister.

New Year's Eve

New years I met with my family with a bunch of fireworks. Before that, some hours ago me and my sister ate dinner and then just spent time with a glass of Martini and our cat Coke. We took some photos in bedroom and went outside to meet new years.
Well, it doesn't sound that fun, but believe it. If it is about us, then everything we do is funny and ridiculous. Today I'm gonna show you just a part of my New Year's Eve. You'll see some photos with my outfit, which I chose this year. And another part will be published tomorrow, in which you'll see my first moments in 2013.
As you can see, this year I chose mini black dress. I really adore this one. Because it is so simple and luxurious at the same time!

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