Laces, laces, laces

Today I decided not to go anywhere, but some hours ago I changed my mind and my sister offered me to go to the cafe and just spend time there. So we met our friend Gerda, ordered some coffee, then just spent time with homework and gossip. 

Colorful Autumn

Yesterday I had to go to the theater with my classmates. It was necessary so I had no choice but to go.
Before that I with some of my good friends decided to meet earlier and spent some time together. We visited cafe in the city center, later just spent some time in the small island of the city, because weather was really good. And then we joined our class. 

Some new stuff

As I told you earlier today I'm presenting you a post about clothes I bought yesterday. 
So here it is...

Something I'm comfortable with

Today I decided to go shopping. Well I need some stuff for school and for other things too. So I have bought some clothes, which I will show you tomorrow. 
And now I'm a bit ill and I have a headache. That's why I'm not in a mood for posting, but as you see I'm trying my best to keep my blog active and active everyday. 
Well, the following week I have some things to do so I'll post more. And for now just keep reading and good luck for me with my sore throat.

Mini Black Skirt

Hey, guys! Sorry, I didn't concentrate with my blog lately. I had many exams and I had no time to my blog. So again, sorry.
Last weekend I spent with my friends in my house. We had a really fun sleepover. And of course I took some photos to show you what I was wearing that Friday. 

Blue shade

Yesterday I spent with my friend. First we went to the restaurant and later on I went to her house.
I was wearing my white shirt from Primark and my new black skirt from H&M. And yesterday was really cold so I took my H&M coat. I love the color. 
I think that I get a really good combination. What do you think?

Baiker style

Today was so rainy. I hate weather like this. It's so cold and cloudy. However, leather jacket or leather shoes it's just perfect choice for days like these. 
You don't have to be worried about sinking streets, because if we talk about leather things, should know what I mean. And the second thing is that clothes from this material perfectly match together.
I love this style. looking like rocker at the same time.
Oh! And today is a weekend. I was waiting for this moment to come. Tomorrow I have plans too and sitting in the bed with my loptop and homework is a part of them too.

Hello, Autumn!

In this post I want to show you  photos from 1st of September.
 Like always my first autumn day started in school. And after 2 hours I went back home, slept a little bit :D Because waking up early is really making me tired. Some hours ago I met with my friend. We spent time in the restaurant and later in the Cinema watching a good movie. It was fun.
However, I was wearing Forever 21 shirt, Tally Weijl skirt, Costella bag, Stradivarius blazer.

New hair

Hello again. Some days ago I was in the beauty salon. I really wanted to change my hair color. You know, just make them a bit brighter, and I wanted to make them shorter as always. 
So I did as I said. I spent all my morning in the hairdressing saloon. However,  I was satisfied with a result.
 In the sunshine they have a gold shade and I don't know why, but in the normal lighting they have a normal blond shade. Ah, who cares. They are a bit brighter and that's okay. :)

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