Loulu Et Tu SS 2016 backstage moments

Sorry for no updates for such a long time. The past days were crazy, unfortunately it got nothing to do with my blog nor with fashion as I had a crazy time preparing for the exams. However things are changing drastically as I have made a bunch of plans for the coming months and the countdown is already on the go. 
Okay, and actually I had a great Friday this week as I took on modeling job again for Loulu Et Tu. The first time I modeled for them was some years ago and I made some backstage shots back then too. (check the post here) On the past Friday was my third time wearing those delicate clothes and rocking the runway during the private evening presentation. I am thinking of publishing the runway shots that I snatched from the local press and showing it to you tomorrow. Anyway, grab a cup of coffee and check the photos now!

Vilnius, Lithuania

SS16 H&M STUDIO collection review

I can't tell in words how happy I am right now. Currently all my plans and life matters are put in place, therefore I finally can relax for a bit after such a busy week. I still have some plans to take care of, but it is not that big of a deal since now I have some free days to get some rest!
Okay, and moving on to the topic, some of you may have already seen on my instagram about my latest fashion brunch with H&M team and a bunch of other Lithuanian bloggers. Actually the reason why we all gathered that lovely Saturday afternoon, was because of the upcoming ss16 H&M studio collection review party. Well I could say it was more like a fashion brunch, since we got to try some awesome gourmet snacks as well as some delicious desserts and drink some fresh coctails in such a lovely place called Panama food Garden in Vilnius. If you ever visit the city, be sure to pay a visit and have some quality time while trying out some of the foodies here. 

Regarding the latest collection, all I could say is that I am soo looking forward to the coming festivals and holidays since it is so on point! Every piece just spreads those bohemic vibes. My favourite pieces were probably the scarf/hat thingy, blanket/bag kind of combination as well as a pair of white flair jeans that I have been dreaming about ever since. I took some shots from closer but if you can't find them don't worry, these goodies will fill up the stores on the 25th of February and you will definitely can take a look by yourselves!!

Fashion breakfast and wedding gown presentation

Today was full of surprises. Starting with fashion breakfast from early morning ending with the wedding gown presentation. During some hours I got to try some delicious desserts with a cup of coffee as well as take a look at the latest collection of the wedding dresses from the D'Dress studio. The people were so nice  and it was so joyful! More events like that please....
However, this short presentation was actually just a preview party as the original event is about to start tonight. Too bad I won't be able to attend due to my preparations for the coming exams. 
Anyway thanks for the amazing event!

Oh and what regards the look of today, I don't know if you can tell but I was wearing my new fur coat that I got from Shein.com! They are so lovely, thank you guys!! Click here to check it or purchase it!  Without it my outfit wouldn't have been complete today!

And before posting this I actually encounter the dilemma if I should post my outfit photos here as well or just leave it as that with the shots of the event only. I think I'm gonna go with those two parts in one post as I have soo many plans for my blog and I don't really have time to play around.

I was wearing:

Sheinside.com coat
Asos trousers
Playnomore bag
Choies.com t/shirt
Bershka heels

Vilnius, Lithuania

Less is More

A quick outfit post photos taken back then on my visit to Vilnius for Polhem PR SS16 press day (click here to see the post). What to wear on a social event/collection review party you ask? 
For me it goes very simply. I choose black and white! Since the fur coat adds that glamorous touch to the whole look, I don't have to worry about what to wear under it. 
 Mixing colours, textures and prints would be too much for me in this case so I gently create the contrast-effect by wearing all black under my faux fur. Less is More after all.

Vilnius, Lithuania

SS16 Polhem PR Press Day

It's that time of the year, where everyone is so excited about new collections filling up the stores. But first it needs to be presented for the press of course, in order for the upcoming trends to be spread.
That is probably why me and my sister together with other Lithuanian bloggers along with press representatives of major fashion magazines in Lithuania gathered yesterday to check some of the coolest things that are yet to be displayed in the stores all over the country.

Okay, so let me start with the most awesome Spring/ish atmosphere that was going on there as well as some light-situation (starwars to be more precise). It was so Spring-related and I loved it! Now moving on to the goodies, I must say that I won't forget the new Fendi sunnies collection as well as that of Jimmy Choo. Apart from that there were some awesome cosmetic brands followed by some clothing pieces such as some bad-ass raincoats made out of fancy shmancy fabric. Not to mention the range of colours that they had. Pastels are coming back!!

And refreshments were worth-to-die-for too. Cheese ball placed on maracon? Have you ever tried that? I had a chance to taste it and it was sooo delicious. Cannot do anything but crave for one more bite of those.

My denim love

When school gives me a lot of pressure and work stresses me out too, I always make sure to go out and breathe some air. Besides school you can find me either working on my blog or checking out social media which makes me sit in front of computer screen basically for a houurs. 
These 10 minute walk-outs come out really handy in preventing stress so I try to do it as much as I can. It was so much fun this time with my new jacket from Romwe! (get the item here). It is really comfy and stylish and I love it!!  

Loulu Et Tu ss16 presentation

Hope you guys are having a fantastic evening. Well, I couldn't feel better. Some time ago I wrote about the Loulu et Tu ss16 backstage, now I am willing to share some of the photos taken during the show. As I was informed it was actually some kind of 111 anniversary happening of the group called Rotary International. Not really familiar with them but still had a lot of fun before and during the show. I found some of the pictures on the local press, edited some of them and finally I hope you can see it all. Leave the feedback in the comments below!

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