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SS16 H&M STUDIO collection review

I can't tell in words how happy I am right now. Currently all my plans and life matters are put in place, therefore I finally can relax for a bit after such a busy week. I still have some plans to take care of, but it is not that big of a deal since now I have some free days to get some rest!
Okay, and moving on to the topic, some of you may have already seen on my instagram about my latest fashion brunch with H&M team and a bunch of other Lithuanian bloggers. Actually the reason why we all gathered that lovely Saturday afternoon, was because of the upcoming ss16 H&M studio collection review party. Well I could say it was more like a fashion brunch, since we got to try some awesome gourmet snacks as well as some delicious desserts and drink some fresh coctails in such a lovely place called Panama food Garden in Vilnius. If you ever visit the city, be sure to pay a visit and have some quality time while trying out some of the foodies here. 

Regarding the latest collection, all I could say is that I am soo looking forward to the coming festivals and holidays since it is so on point! Every piece just spreads those bohemic vibes. My favourite pieces were probably the scarf/hat thingy, blanket/bag kind of combination as well as a pair of white flair jeans that I have been dreaming about ever since. I took some shots from closer but if you can't find them don't worry, these goodies will fill up the stores on the 25th of February and you will definitely can take a look by yourselves!!

I was wearing:

Asos turtle neck
Asos skirt fur coat
Asos boots bag
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  1. I'm sure it was great adventure! :) You look so pretty <3 Have a nice day :*

  2. Beautiful photos dear!


  3. Nice post!

  4. lovely photos! :)

  5. Such beautiful photos Dear....!!

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  6. Like your skirt :)
    Maria V.


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