Fashion breakfast and wedding gown presentation

Today was full of surprises. Starting with fashion breakfast from early morning ending with the wedding gown presentation. During some hours I got to try some delicious desserts with a cup of coffee as well as take a look at the latest collection of the wedding dresses from the D'Dress studio. The people were so nice  and it was so joyful! More events like that please....
However, this short presentation was actually just a preview party as the original event is about to start tonight. Too bad I won't be able to attend due to my preparations for the coming exams. 
Anyway thanks for the amazing event!

Oh and what regards the look of today, I don't know if you can tell but I was wearing my new fur coat that I got from! They are so lovely, thank you guys!! Click here to check it or purchase it!  Without it my outfit wouldn't have been complete today!

And before posting this I actually encounter the dilemma if I should post my outfit photos here as well or just leave it as that with the shots of the event only. I think I'm gonna go with those two parts in one post as I have soo many plans for my blog and I don't really have time to play around.

I was wearing: coat
Asos trousers
Playnomore bag t/shirt
Bershka heels

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  1. Stunning and inspiring photos, dear) I enjoy this post very much)

  2. very beautiful pics, love your outfit!

  3. The fur coat really looks fab! The post actually looks cool that you combined photos from the bridal shoot and your outfit! :)

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