Loulu Et Tu SS 2016 backstage moments

Sorry for no updates for such a long time. The past days were crazy, unfortunately it got nothing to do with my blog nor with fashion as I had a crazy time preparing for the exams. However things are changing drastically as I have made a bunch of plans for the coming months and the countdown is already on the go. 
Okay, and actually I had a great Friday this week as I took on modeling job again for Loulu Et Tu. The first time I modeled for them was some years ago and I made some backstage shots back then too. (check the post here) On the past Friday was my third time wearing those delicate clothes and rocking the runway during the private evening presentation. I am thinking of publishing the runway shots that I snatched from the local press and showing it to you tomorrow. Anyway, grab a cup of coffee and check the photos now!

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