Vilnius, Lithuania

SS16 Polhem PR Press Day

It's that time of the year, where everyone is so excited about new collections filling up the stores. But first it needs to be presented for the press of course, in order for the upcoming trends to be spread.
That is probably why me and my sister together with other Lithuanian bloggers along with press representatives of major fashion magazines in Lithuania gathered yesterday to check some of the coolest things that are yet to be displayed in the stores all over the country.

Okay, so let me start with the most awesome Spring/ish atmosphere that was going on there as well as some light-situation (starwars to be more precise). It was so Spring-related and I loved it! Now moving on to the goodies, I must say that I won't forget the new Fendi sunnies collection as well as that of Jimmy Choo. Apart from that there were some awesome cosmetic brands followed by some clothing pieces such as some bad-ass raincoats made out of fancy shmancy fabric. Not to mention the range of colours that they had. Pastels are coming back!!

And refreshments were worth-to-die-for too. Cheese ball placed on maracon? Have you ever tried that? I had a chance to taste it and it was sooo delicious. Cannot do anything but crave for one more bite of those.

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