Sweet sixteen!

Good morning, dear readers. I have some news for you. You see, as I said within my last post that I had some plans for a weekend. So today my post will be about my dearest friend Agne's sixteenth birthday! 
It was held on Saturday's evening. I had so much fun!
From where should I start? Well, we all gathered in the town hall and then a limo arrived and picked us up. We visited several places, took some photos and then moved to Agne's house! 
She has a bar in her house and it really fits for the parties. So all of us had so much fun! I don't know... maybe the photos would say more. All I have to say that I am really happy for my friend, that she is finally sixteen years old! And I'm so happy for my participation in the party, because time I spent was wonderful.

Me and my sister :D

Me with Agne

Kamile and Agne

Marta and  Agne

Me, Simona, Kornelija, Laura, Kamile

Me and Simona

All of us

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