Little leopard

Yesterday I was in the cinema. And after that I had to go with my mom to the hospital. Because of my heart. 
It suddenly started  hurting and it was all the time I was in London. So my mom was nervous.
Well, I didn't have any bad feeling about it.  And I was right. Today analysis showed that it was because I was tired, it was hot and more. So thats it. 
Yesterday I chose vest with leopard pattern, because it was a little bit cloudy. I don't think it ruined my look;

Pink & Blue

Today I was really happy, because all week before I didn't go anywhere. And today was the first day I  escaped. All day with friends in the restaurant. Perfect.
And my look today...

Spaventare Moda on iPhone

Heey, dears! I have some news for you. From now on you can also check my blog on your iPhone! And it's very easy to use!
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Neon colar

I love neon colors so much! I mean they are everywhere. It's nail polishes, make up products, accessories, jewelry, clothes and much more. This summer season it's just for them and I can't not to buy it.
So in England I bought really nice collars for cheap price from Primark.
All the colors mixed together so well! Love it!

London, UK

Last day in London

3rd day in London I took tour around Big Ben and London eye. I think these places are one of the main reasons to visit this city, because it's so beautiful,I mean these buildings. 

This day was so relaxing to me. Now I really want to live here!
I felt like I finally got to used with a people around me and a sound of the street.
 I really love this city.

London, UK

London streets

There is one thing, that I like the most in this city. 
Its streets. Full of people. Well I really like people, especially to watch them. 
And of course communicate with them too. They always speak with smiles on their faces. 
This day was truly amazing. Today I took mini tour with sightseeing bus and I saw many famous buildings in London. 
London is really beautiful city...

London, UK

Just arrived in London.

Yes, this is the first day in London. And it was really bad day. Weather was really hot and it was Sunday, so London was full of people. And we went to see all the clothes stores in Oxford street. 
Street was really big, so my legs started to hurt and later my stomach, because of the fast food. 
I felt terrible. 
We came back to the hotel. I took a nap and when I woke up, I felt much better and good mood came back, so we just thought about dinner in a really good restaurant. Of course we were looking for it about an hour. But thanks god I didn't get tired so easily. 
We found a really good pizzeria in the center and took our time...

Eastbourne, UK

Third day in the UK

Well third day was not that free. We woke up early in the morning, and went to the building, where we danced. Later we went through the city. Bought some sorbet and spent time together with picnic near the sea. 

I really love England!! So many beautiful places.

Eastbourne, UK

2nd Day in Eastbourne

Second day in Eastbourne was free. So I had much time for myself which I spent with my friends in the Shopping center. And later on we visited sea that was near our hotel. Just a few meters road. 
Ah, well I don't like beaches in UK. There was no sand on the ground. Ground was stony so my feet got hurt. 

Arundel BN18, UK

Arundel Castle in the UK

So this is my first day in England. I'm really happy because I had a chance to visit a really beautiful castle.  Of course I didin't do this when we just arrived. First we went to Eastbourne by bus. Left our baggage and went to the castle.
Just a part of castle was museum. In another part there is still living Hercogs. So this little thing keeps me really exciting about this castle.

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