I want to live in the dream!

Heey, sweeties! Today is a new day and last day I took some photos with my new outfit. You see yesterday I had a meeting with my friend so I just dressed very simple, but of course ornate. 
So You can see my photos wright here:

Comets quietly down here

Hey, guys. I have one new. Today I was in the city. I just walk with my friends, spent good time, spent a lot of money and took some photos of course. I want to show you.  I hope you like it.

How I look crazy

I hate it! Hate homework. I hate it! I don't understand why do we need them??? Sometimes I go crazy. I take one photo ,So now you can see how I look.

The girl in the pink PAJAMAS

Hy, readers! I have one good new. Today was my birthday and I got a lot of presents. It was: jewelry, money, body care products and more... Well one of this presents was pink pajamas! I take some photos of my new clothes and jewelry (not all of course). I want you to see them. :) I hope you like it.

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