Mint color is back!

Yesterday the weather was so hot and good that we definitely had to go out to the city and then somewhere near the water of course. I want to believe that it's summer already, but damn those exams. Anyway for this hot Friday I decided to wear something that has a scent of summer and it happened that I grabbed my mint heels and my mint dress for a walk.

I was wearing:

Skirt I got as a present
Zara dress
Zara necklace
Zara sunglasses
New look heels
YSL ring

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  1. Labai gražios nuotraukos!

  2. Great top and look!;)

  3. Wow šita suknelė kažkas neįtikėtino, labai graži! :)

  4. It's beautiful, the woman will dress really not the same, so recently I also intend to buy some swarovski crystal dress themselves, enhance their charm.


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