Apkalbos 2014

Today I'm really happy to show you some photos that I have found in the internet. 
Remember me telling about attending one fashion show? Well I haven't attended as a guest bus as a model this time! Darius Tarela did a great job in the backstage! I took these photos from him. There is also one photo from Deimante Dubauskaite! Thanks to her!

Now a little bit about how it all went. Well like always all models with  no make up have been in Combo club since early morning. After we founded out who are our designers we went to the make up room where all the action was! The first collection didn't require any particular make up. It was natural like I wasn't wearing on my face anything at all. The second collection was a little bit more unique. I had literally a green face and black urban on my head with a ponytail. 

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