Rapallo GE, Italy

Evenings in Italy

It's my fourth day in Rapallo city and I finally got to wear my kimono! I decided to match it together with my white lacy dress. At the end I added some of the accessories to make the complete look more fuller. Today's shots were taken in the main street of Rapallo. As you see it's full of restaurants and cafes. And all of this are surrounded by mountains which makes the scenery look even more beautiful than it is. I couldn't take a shot of the mountains, but everything else is here for you to see. :)

16035 Rapallo, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

When in Italia

Good morning lovelies! Today's post is a bit unusual as I'm starting my collaboration with Closte Clothes boutique. Therefore, I'm going to shoot for them quite a lot in near future. As my first shoot for them is in Italy, I've thought my outfit has to be quite Italian too or at least have some Italian vibes. So today I'm happy to share with you the shots I've taken in various places in the little town of Rapallo while wearing clothes from Closte Clothes boutique designed by Saviti, LiVi, Jolia (look below for the references).

Rapallo - Day 2

What I love to do in other countries is to find some local places, because those are the ones that give
you some specific vibes that will make you remember the place for long. 
I love going to markets the most, because those can tell a lot about a country and its culture.
One person told me once Market is a place, where  foreigner can feel the difference between his country and the other country.
While being in Rapallo I also found a local market place full of flowers, vegetables, fruits. It was a true pleasure to walk 
alongside those and take a look at variety of products. I also took some photos there. Hope you will like it.

Rapallo GE, Italy

Number 36 in Italy

I'm really  happy to reveal you my new t-shirt which I've got from Dresslink.com
 I can't really describe how happy I'm right now! Thank you for this gift!
The T-shirt a.k.a jacket keeps you warm during the evening and also makes you feel super comfortable too. (buy it here)
This actually is one of the things I wished I could wear during my holidays here in Italy. Evenings can be cooler sometimes so a goodie like this just helps me to be at ease and not to worry about catching a cold. 
Today I'm showing you the photos I took during the evening on my first day in Rapallo. Enjoy!

16035 Rapallo, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

First day in Rapallo, Italy

While yesterday I just landed in Milano, today I woke up in Rapallo city of Italy. It's quite small but lovely town near the Mediterranean sea. 
Today I just took my time to look around, visited one nice panini place and had a cup of Italian cappuccino. It was a lovely day! (all the direct moments you can see on my 
instagram account!) Also you can take a look at my new sparkling sandals which is the hottest thing I took with me to this Italian trip!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Closté ClothesxAnyaDee new collection

Today I want to share some photos that I took during mini presentation of the new Closté Clothes  collection "Chic illustrated" featuring fashion illustrator AnyaDee. First of all, I can't be more in love with the pieces. I have always thought that Anya's work was so lovely and adorable, but now that I got to see the illustrations brought to life on the clothing pieces, it looks much more fabulous! Anyway, I'm so thankful for inviting me! It was such a pleasure to be there with you! Again, meeting some great people, tasting some good champagne and also getting a look at the latest collection is just what I need!
 However it is not the last time I'm talking about Closté Clothes as we will be working together in the future. So stay updated, guys! Also, my outfit details will be up so soon!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Love it when it's grey

Nowadays I stick to my denim jacket  in black and grey shades creating some sporty looks. Adding a touch of burgundy is one of my favorite options too so you can probably see me wearing something like this all the time. The best thing is always changing accessories which is my bag at the moment.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Modeling-styling mission

This is something I have wanted to tell you for so long! And finally today is the day you get to see another styling-modeling project that I've taken part in. It was held in shopping center Akropolis in Kaunas and all the models from various cities had to make their own outfits for the school graduation party and represent them. So they did, but before that, they also had a chance to represent the outfit that stylists had made especially for them. Doesn't it sound great? I was also included into all of this and I'm so happy for the experience which I got taking part in this event so called 'contest'. Besides the experience I also got a bunch of goodies from the biggest sponsor 'Akropolis'. I can't wait you to see the photos of me and my sis  and also the event! Enjoy!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Lacy crop top

Maybe some of you have already noticed that lately I'm so so into lacy clothes. Like seriously, some days ago I received my white lacy dress which you probably  know by now. It hasn't been even a week and I received this lovely crop top which is also lacy! It arrived from www.twinkledeals.com/ Thank you, guys, for this lovely piece! I really love it! Find it here!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Rocking those Pink heels

I think today is a great day for you to see the full outfit that I chose to wear at RasaRoze new collection of bags presentation which was held a couple of weeks ago in the musical theater of Kaunas. As it was kind of classy event which is obvious just looking at the photos (click here), I chose something that is not so extravagant or outgoing. Since it was my first time attending an event like this, I didn't really know any appropriate dress code or something so I just stuck with more simple outfit.
And I finally got a chance to wear my pink heels for the first time. Actually I got them last year, however I have no regrets. It was definitely worth waiting.

Kaunas, Lithuania

New lacy dress for summer

Good evening, lovelies, or maybe good night for some of you! Today I really want to show you my new lacy dress for summer which is so lovely I could die! Thanks www.wsdear.com for sending me this beauty! I can't be more happy! Okay, so now as I've already bragged about my dress, please, enjoy my new outfit of the day! Since I'm sick of all the cuteness and lovely looks lately, so I decided to match it together with my denim jacket and dark coloured lipstick in order to create a rocker kind of chic look! Get the dress here!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Pink vibes today

Today I got to show you some photos of my outfit full of pink vibes. Lately I'm in love with sporty kind of looks so sneakers have become my one and only companions. I love matching them with my favorite maxi black skirt adding some of the pink shades to my look at the end.

Good news for the brides-to-be

Hello my dears and especially the brides-to-be or future bridesmaids! Today I got some good news to tell you. I want to represent you the store www.yesmybride.net. It is an actual online clothing store for the future brides who want to find their beloved dress. It is really simple to do so here.
To start with, on Yesmybride.net you can easily customize your own wedding dress and when the customization request is accepted, the professional designer will draw the sketch for you of your customized dress for free if necessary. The high quality fabric will be used in creating your beloved dress and it will be made by sewing, beading, embroidery and decoration experienced workers. 
The design you want your dress to have is unlimited so you shouldn't worry about the colour or particular design that you want on your  dress. Everything is possible here. The store also provides gift packing so that you could give it as a fancy and lovely gift to your family or friends. 
Isn't it just wonderful? 
However that is not all. Here you can also buy a complete dress. Below you can see a couple of examples I chose. These are my favorites for sure. If you are interested in any of the dress below, click on the picture to find out more about the item. Apart from the wedding occasion, you can also find prom dresses, cocktail dresses and much more...

Rasa Roze new collection of bags presentation

Finally I got to show you the photos that I and my sister took during the Rasaroze bags presentation. (I also took some photos from the e/press to show you guys, so be ready)
As you now, me and my sister were invited to this event and I was shocked how glamorous it was.
A lot of notable people attended the event and handmade vintage bags and purses were shown by the ballerinas of the Musical theater of Kaunas . 
It was truly a great experience for me. 
Enjoy the photos of the event and soon I will post about the outfit details I chose for this event.


Good morning lovelies! It is such a nice day isn't it? It is quite an early morning here in Lithuania, and I am up to write an article for you guys! Today I want to represent you the http://www.sweetywedding.com/ If some of you do not know what it is, Sweetywedding is an online clothing store, which specializes on selling dresses, let's say for wedding occasion, which includes Bridesmaid dresses, dresses of a bride, mother of a bride dresses as well as dresses for other occasions such as prom, cocktail party, homecoming party, birthday party and much much more!
So now that we know what Sweetywedding is I want you guys to show you some of the most beautiful dresses (according to me) from their store. Please, note that you can see further information about the dress if you click on the picture. Also I got some good idea for those who are considering to purchase something from the store! All the products has 20% discount so the opportunity to buy something is better than ever!

Blogger event by Deichmann

So coming back to the blogger event organized by Deichmann team, finally I'm here to show you some of the photos taken during the event. 
As I have mentioned before, it was my first time attending an event like this, but I was really amazed how much fun it was! We got to listen to one of the most popular blogger of Lithuania, owner of Spintos Guru Deimantė. I've been reading her blog since I was little so meeting her and listening for some of the blogging advises was a true honor. What is more, one of the most popular stylists of Lithuania also showed up at the event and shared some of the styling tips. 

In general, event was attended by most of Lithuanian bloggers so I can say that being in the evening like that was really a nice experience for me. Not everyday you can be in one place with so many creative, interesting, unique people. 
Now it's time for you to see some snaps from the event. Please note that photos don't belong to me!
Have a lovely weekend guys, see you soon!

For the outfit details click here!

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