Paris, France

Parisian days

So as the Parisian days are going so fast I can't really coupe with the idea of leaving Paris and head back home. It's so sad to even think about it. What's more, the session of my Parisian looks will be soon over and I will have to come back to the gloomy Lituanian autumn. Today, just saying an early goodbye to Paris with one of the brightest looks!

Paris, France

Musée le Louvre

We got another chance to visit Louvre museum, just this time we actually came inside to see all the famous paintings. It was awesome guys! Even thought my feet hurt so much to the point where I can barely walk. Hope you guys enjoy my new outfit which was set in black with some colourful acessories dominating the whole look. Orange is my favorite this season, followed by sky blue. What are your favorite colours this fall?

Paris, France

Bonjour, Paris!

It's my third day in Paris and we decided to visit Eiffel as well as drink some famous hot chocolate at Angelina! So Parisian! Hope you guys are having a fun time as much as I do! And again, thanks Happiness Boutique for these awesome earrings I got to wear today!

Paris, France

Strolling around Montmartre

I love love to explore different places. I try to do it every time I'm out of my country. I love to try out new food, to listen to local language and visit some of the local places. This time the place I chose to explore was non other than our beloved Monmartre. Yup, the same region where the most stylish Parisian movie Amelie was shot. It can't get more inspirational, right? So yeah, my first afternoon in Paris went just like that, strolling around beautiful areas in Monmartre. I also took some photos on my way. Be sure to check them out!

Paris, France

First time in Paris!

It's my first day in Paris and  I totally love it! As we live in Montmartre, first we decided to visit Louvre museum since it's not so far from the house we're staying at. All I could say from today's trolling outside the Louvre is that it's soo amusing and breath-taking that even now I still can't take it out of my mind. Regarding the outfit I chose for today, well you'll be surprised about my latest obsession with 90s style. The turtle-neck (in the colour of the brick?!) as well as the pair of indigo flare jeans tell a lot about it!
Also I must say big thanks to Happiness Boutique for sending me those awesome earrings! I am so delighted! Get the same here!

Maxi dress in Blue!

Remember me telling you about my latest obsession with blue? Well here you go another bright blue coloured dress. This time in the maximum length. Go find it in Looks Super chick and feels good to wear  in Autumn, guys! You must find your own maxi dress for this time of the year!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Black blouse and tartan skirt in red

Okay so as some of you may already know that I'm collaborating with they've been sending me those awesome clothes for some time now. Today I want to show you another 'casual' but chic combination I've been wearing in my everyday life for years!  Yup, it's what you think it is. Black blouse and tartan skirt! Love the result, guys! What are your thoughts, leave the feedback.

Violet & blue

Hope you are having a nice start of the week. For me it has gone super great.
Now it's time to confess something. Lately I got into blue so much that I can't stop wearing it. (More shades of blue are about to come). But blue it's not the only colour I'm obsessed with lately. Mixing it with purple and violet was a great choice since it made the whole look a lot fresher. 
In addition, those leather ankle boots and bag gave it that extra urban city charm. What do you think? 

I was wearing:

Leg code leggings
Simona Bandita scarf
Kaste Dress
Noda Bag
Pintu bracelet
Missguided shoes

The Autumn feels

It's so nice in Lithuania since it hasn't been raining for a while. And leaves has already started to fall. Yesterday I took a walk in the park and of course grabbed a chance to take some photos for you guys. Actually just wanted to show you my new Autumn look with the new dress I got from Sammydress and loafers from Deichmann. Thanks so much, guys for the perfect Autumn duo! What do you think guys about my new maxi dress in black and dark green loafers? Dark green is actually one of the hottest colours right now. Straight to the point, I could say!

I was wearing:

Bliss by Violeta coat
Deichmann shoes
Dress from
Zara necklace

The yellow dream

Just wanted to show you the awesome dress I wore some days ago in the streets of Kaunas. Actually it's one of the pieces from the new Closte Clothes collection! The flare dresses you can find  in three colours: blue, black and yellow. Enough of black for me, I choose bright yellow for the gloomy Autumn of Lithuania. You can find them all in the Clo boutique in Kaunas!

Bag trends for Fall 2015

Recently I'm really into trends. I've written some of the articles for other blogs and magazines and now I feel so so aware of what's supposed to be in your closet this fall. To tell you the truth, bags were always my favorite out of all the accessories. They make a whole outfit look totally different and even better. In other words you can't look good without a good bag.
Today let me represent you some of the Autumn of 2015 trends. Make this fall super stylish! (Read the original article on

When it's cold

You realize that it's Autumn when you start wearing coats and hats, knitted socks and gloves.
It's actually the loveliest time of the year! So many clothes, so much fashion! Today I want you just to take a look at the latest look for Autumn. Black and grey duo was always my favorite, hope you guys like it as well.

Bliss by Violeta Coat

Hope you are having a good day, fellows! To me it's truly great as I got to wear this awesome coat from Bliss by Violeta. Thanks so much for the perfect gift! The coat is super comfy and warm and looks great with everything I wear. Here you go the latest Autumn look from the series of hot to look stylish and not to get cold! (buy it here)

Kaunas, Lithuania

Uoga Uoga beauty house opening

If you have followed my instagram feed, you may know that about one week ago I was invited to this awesome Uoga Uoga beauty house opening party in Kaunas. It was really awesome. from one- bite snacks to champagne, from body care products to vegan make up line. I actually got a chance to make my own natural lip balm!! (soo awesome). I had so much fun! Anyway, enough of talking. Hope the photos I took in the party will speak up for themselves. 
A couple of photos belong to Uoga Uoga page.

Old school kinda look

As Monday strikes again, I couldn't be more prepared for that. This time - an outfit created just for school, maybe a little bit old-fashioned. But in a good way! Thanks Closte clothes!

Exit to the city

Finally I can reveal to you all the photos from my Exit to the city adventure. This fashion event was hosted for a second time this year. I wanted to go so bad last year, but for some reason I couldn't. 
Well, last Friday I got a message from the team, which I'm working for and they asked me and my sister to go there tomorrow instead of the photographer! I was so delighted. It was mt first ever job as a photographer and I was so worried as well. Well now that it's over already, I can say that I had a really great time there!(Read the original article here)

Bohemian feels by Rene Deco

I'm so happy to represent you these awesome bohemian necklaces from Rene Deco. Styled with a perfect pair of jeans and casual top it kind of spreads that bohemian feel around you and is definitely one of my October favorite looks! Black, khaki and red wine. Which one is your favorite?
Look for them in Closte Clothes boutique.

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