Bag trends for Fall 2015

Recently I'm really into trends. I've written some of the articles for other blogs and magazines and now I feel so so aware of what's supposed to be in your closet this fall. To tell you the truth, bags were always my favorite out of all the accessories. They make a whole outfit look totally different and even better. In other words you can't look good without a good bag.
Today let me represent you some of the Autumn of 2015 trends. Make this fall super stylish! (Read the original article on

Super big  
Lately the size of the bag has changed approximately.
Forget the small purses, nowadays it's all about  huge tote bags, guys! Celine has nailed it this time. However Chanel buttons-up bag version is also very alluring.

The size is not the only one that matters this time. The silhouette is also very important as the designers have been focusing on it mainly, every year creating it more and more surprising. 
For example, Armando Grillo, Christian Siriano, Matteo Volta and many more designers have presented the top-handle purses and crossbodies looking more like a boxes than the bags.

It's not a new to see the hairy beauties lined up in stores anymore, since it has been the hot-trend for quite a long time. This yeas it was represented by Louis Vuitton, Tod's, Fendi and many more...

My bad for jugging all the small bags. These are actually good to wear to, however you better wear it tied around your waist or any other part of your body. It will be much more stylish that way.

Bag with a handle
Clutches are in fashion too, however it's much more comfortable to have them around with a special handle, a.k.a slip-through strap. Wide enough to slip your wrist and grab a bag so it won't fall out of your hands.

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  1. I am happy with the big bags trend! I always have to take my macbook with me, so a big bag is a must.


  2. Great post dear, I love that bag

  3. At 5'1" I have a hard time with the big bag trend since they look huge on me. However, I'm loving all the bags in your photos with the handles. The fur ones are great. I will have to check some of those out.


  4. Looks so nice!


  5. oh! I like it
    Click in my latest post?

  6. Nice trends dear ♥♥

  7. Do you make these collages? They are amazing. :)


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