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Today I want to represent you the e/store Gbridal, which consists of Wedding dresses, Wedding Party dresses, Special Occasion dresses and Wedding accessories. What I love the most is the variety of the wedding dresses. There are dozens of them in all shapes and colors.

So recently are quite a lot of new arrivals. I'm talking about wedding dresses now and it seems that white color is ruling this time. You can find all kind of shapes there: A-line dresses are no match this time. There are dozens of those. The second type would be mermaid dress which is also a hit! It looks fascinating and elegant. I don't know why, but I still stick with the A-line shape. To me it always have been the most adorable and the most beautiful dresses of all the times.

You can see some samples above and below. As I told you the biggest part of dresses of the new arrivals would probably be the A-Line shaped dresses. I am sure, if you check the category full of the wedding dresses, where are a lot more of them, you will find a bigger selection of other shapes. 
So looking through the new arrivals it seems that A-line and Mermaid shapes are the most popular  this time.

As I mentioned before in GBridal you can find quite a lot prom dresses as well as dresses for any occasion. My eye was caught buy this beauty down below. A-line shaped, sleeveless prom dress. You can buy it in any color! Also, there is big size selection so you don't have to worry about it! And it's not only prom dress they have. There is a big selection of them for any kind of taste.

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  1. OMG so pretty!


  2. Gbridal.com is an online outlet that sells the highest quality prom dresses at low prices. They offer free worldwide delivery, allowing woman from all over the world to wear the best quality dresses.


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