Must have list for Autumn

Sorry, because this post is already too late. However, here are not so many things in this list. But it has a reason. A lot of things I didn't find online and about others I'm still wondering. Ahh... So let's just say it's part one. So lets start with these first :)

Then I saw those shoes I already know that I want them. But I was thinking about what color I should to choose.  I decided that black color is a bit boring, because almost all my friends have it! So these are going to be my next purchase.

How about this fake fur coat? I think it's the best choice for late Autumn. By the way, did I tell you, how much I love leopard pattern?

These adorable heels are in my list too. I just love them.

Soccer socks! I just love them! They are already going to my house online.:))

All these things are founded in There are a lot of things which I already offered and I didn't show them to you in the list, but you will see it in my blog another time. :))

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