All in black.

Do you guys believe it?? Just a week left until the 1st September. I feel miserable. All I have done this summer, just walked through the city and spent time with friends in the restaurants and cafes. I mean, it's not that bad. But I really wanted to do something special. Like: to visit some exotic places, eat some gourmet dishes, make some new friends and other... 
Well I don't say my summer was that terrible. First days I spent in England, later in the dance camp with good friends of mine, then visited Poland, saw Pop princess Madonna and in the end just spent some really good time with my friends. :))

Today was just another ordinary day with my good friend Aušra. We spent good time in the restaurant and ate some really good dishes. And I don't know why, but today I dressed up in black. Just added some brown, gold accessories.
 Today's outfit looks quite similarly with this one

In the restaurant :D

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